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Blog: Frogger
Tags: game, photo
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Well, not much new since last time, but here's a picture of a frog at least:

Yes, this is a frog!

I've somewhat started working on a new game, this time work android. Not much to say about it yet... stay tuned.
Blog: Phew, I made it...
Almost missed my monthly post! Last time I missed a month was in may 2007, would have been a shame to loose my streak now. And since the last post was in the beginning of September, there's gonna be a big list of media this time.

Spent a lot of time playing tycoon online. At the moment my company is ranked 126:th, but I'm aiming to get into top 100 before round ends.

Web based games has been on my mind a lot lately. I want to make one myself! smiley And just today I got a nice idea of a round-based (like tycoononline and utopia) game that I think I'm going to try to realize. Already have a name and domain, so halfway done! smiley Stay tune for more details, for now, I'm still brainstorming. The only thing I can give away at the moment is the setting. The game will take place prehistoric time, and each player will manage his/her tribe and make them as successful as possible.

See ya next month.

Oh.... Skellefteå AIK is leading Elitserien!
Blog: Highscore RSS
There's now RSS-feeds available for each game that shows the current monthly highscores, so players easily can keep track if they are on it or not (and if not, beat the highscore to stay on top!) Enjoy!

Click the RSS icons over at the game page to access it.
Blog: Go Go Gaming
I really like how the new highscore system turned out, and so far each month is getting enough plays to keep it interesting smiley. In another month or two I will wipe the scores from before November 2007 (the scores without date), so from then on it will be easier to get into the top 100. At least for a few months...

With this system in place, I really feel like I should make another game, its a bit wasted with only two games. The problem at the moment is... flash. Can hardly remember how to do anything, and when I tried with the new 3.0(?) actionscript I couldnt get anything to work, and gave up to early. Also the game idea was a bit complicated. I think this time I'll start simple and just let evolve along the way (kinda like how I did combo).

Also been doing a little css-ing on the side for my friend Anton over at GameSiteTemplates.com. Some of that work inspired me to redesign this page smiley. Though sometimes it just drives me nuts trying to make it work in both Internet Explorer and Firefox. Good thing I restarted playing wow recently, I can always log in and take out my frustration on some lowbies smiley.

My draenei mage is now level 50 and are just about to venture into the sunken temple!

I'll try to think a little on the gaming for next time and probably post some ideas I have. No guarantees though.
Blog: News and updates!
Yes, it's true, I'm working on a new game which I think will be really great. I did some searching for a similar game but have yet to find any, so hopefully its an original idea (or at least somewhat original). And as usual, some special twists for that extra enjoyment.

I've also worked a bit on the administration interface for this, site, to make it a bit more easier to submit new posts. All the "watched/played/read"-sections after each post was previously manually written, formatted and linked, but now its automagic!

Unfortunately that means that some weird linkage will occur. Since I link everything to wikipedia, sometimes the names aren't unique, it will either be misslinked or linked to a page with multiple topics. But everything cant be perfect.... o_O.

Database-wise all those are now stored in separate fields in the database, which means I can do some fun stuff listing books/animes/movies and such, and since I rewatch stuff a lot I can also do some simple counting on how much I've seen (which I don't keep track on at my anidb page)

Another thing, about the games... When I complete my new game and highscore to it, I will probably add a searchable highscore list for all the games as well.
Blog: Skallen.net Version 3!

A new look! W00t! Been talking about it for like forever, who would have thought it was true? Tried to make it a bit "2.0-ish" and not as tight and crowded as my last design.

Here's a small changelog:

» New Design
Duh, kinda obvious right?

» New themes
Yes, the new design comes with three themes right from the start, and maybe even more later. The themes can be selected from the small colored boxes in the top right.

» Updated info
Some info updated about me and about the site.

» Games on the site
Yes, the games are finally integrated into the site, and with working highscores! Also the old game links redirects here.

» My music
A new sidebar on the blog page, where some of the music I listen to shows up.

Some more stuff to probably, but that is the major parts I think. Enjoy!

The RSS-feed is dead at the moment, will fix it soon.
Blog: Happy New Year!
Wohoo, hello 2007! This site is also celebrating its one year anniversary (well, at least in this form). I have amazed my self by writing something here at least once a month, I've never managed to do something like this before, wohoo me!

Now for some plans for 2007:

» Redesign of skallen.net

I'm gonna remake the site to use only css for layout, goodbye tables! It will open up for easier placement and design, and hopefully make it easier to design new themes as well.

» Less gaming

Ooo, this one is tricky. But I'm gonna try to lessen my gaming a bit, in favor for doing more constructive stuff like programming, drawing, writing... Basically, creating stuff i can show off smiley.

» Learn to draw (make a webcomic)

Heh, probably not going to happen, but who knows...

» A new flash game!!

No, really! Already have a beta of it, just need a bit of motivation.

Anyway, about that shameless ad about knightfight, I'm not playing anymore, so don't click smiley. Thanks everyone who did click though.
Blog: 20 000 Visitors
Thats right, yesterday unique visitor nr 20000 stumbled into the site! Amazing! Though this is only for my page "skallen.net", not the games or my other sites. When I checked total visitor count (not counting re-visits), it shows 494884 visits since january 2003, almost half a million people! smiley Some more stats: 7.8 million files downloaded (5500/day), 1.77 million page views (1200/day) and around 105 GB traffic. Cool!

Though the upswing during the "game craze" during june-july, and more recently, the WoW-forum I've been hosting stands for most of this traffic. Still 20 000 people made it here ;)

For this special occasion I made a new splash screen (here, if you missed it) smiley As a small competition, what anime is that from? Post your guess as a comment. No prices, just honor!
Blog: Cheating
Well someone cheated on my game, combo. Pretty lame if you ask me. I know the highscore system isn't bulletproofed, but then again, didnt expect to have 100 000+ players either. So a little cheating doesnt bother me that much, I will take it as a compliment... "Your game is so great that I'll check if I can cheat on it" smiley

Tough... Cheating is wrong! In honor of the cheater, the highscores are here by reset! I've been thinking about resetting them to get some more action, and now its done! Start getting your new highscores now!
Blog: To hell with all the jumping
Kinda got stuck making my new game. I've tried several times to draw the graphics I need, but it's no good (in fact it looks like crap). I have to think of something less graphical demanding. The idea is still there so I'm gonna put it up as a project on the project page, and I'll even throw in a screenie ;). Look forward to it!
Blog: Sorry
Okay, sorry, I guess I was too excited when I posted the last post, no new game yet. To much damn WoW! Though I'm pretty happy with our progress, MC cleared in just a month! With my last guild we we're in mc for like 5 months smiley. Read all about it over att our guild website. Starting work today, so I dont know when that game is gonna be finished, though I have the basics mostly done, just some graphics missing. I can't draw >_<. I made a small beta for a few friends to test and they seemed to like it, even though there's still a lot of things missing.
Blog: Helljump?!
Yes, helljump! It's the current working title of my next game which is a bouncy action game. Not releasing anything more than the name, my plan is to finish it sometime during this weekend. Hope you all enjoy it!
Blog: More games?
Well, it seems kinda weird to have my games "offsite", so im working on merging them into my regular site. So far, the games are there and there's a link to them, but I have not got the highscores working yet so if you want to break the new highscore, use the old links. Also started to work on a more complete highscore system, but no ETA on that yet.
Blog: Sugoi!
How cool is this? 100000 visitors in less then a month, this is crazy! (though most of them didnt make it here, they stayed at the game). Well either way, this is soooo cool. I usually have like maybe 500 visitors/month total. Thanks y'all! Im gonna fix a complete highscore list for the games so everyone can see how well they are doing in the list, though its gonna be a long list (10k submitted combo scores). Maybe I even have to make it searchable, that would probably be fun. Good luck with the playing, but imo World of Warcraft > combo.

Our guild is progressing steadily, we got hakkar down twice so far, mc onyxia here we come!

And now a new section that will become a frequent visitor on the news, maybe once or twice a month,
What I've been doing since last time. Enjoy!
Blog: Beware of the blocks
Tags: blockdown, flash, game
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Blocks, tiles, rectangles, they are all present in my new game "Blockdown", now playable (and almost complete, only missing some graphics and an update on the instructions). I hope you'll enjoy it as much as I do smiley

Play Here!
Blog: Another day, another game
Yes, I'm working on a new game, and the old one got scrapped ^^ (the battlefury spaceship game). I might get back on that one later, but for now im working on 'blockdown', and the title is all I'm going to spoil now. It's more of a puzzle game, one of those where stuff falls down on a line. Hmm, I feel nice today, I'm gonna give ya'll an image preview as well, check it here!
Blog: A new game! Zomg
Im working on a new game, just put it up under project. I hope I can finish this sometime this month, so stay tuned! A few screens and a playable demo availible here!
Blog: Updated Game
Okay, the game mentioned yesterday is kinda updated and remade smiley. New concept, rules and a new highscore system (with me on top at the moment 8)). The rules: Avoid the black ones, capture colored ones, and if you make the combo, you get a multiplier bonus. For each time you make the combo without touching the wrong kind of color, the multiplier (and score) increases... Get to it, beat my score! Play here!
Blog: Flash game
I've been doing some stuff in flash lately, so in order to just test what I could do I did a simple clone of the game "squares 2". Its still in development (1½ hours so far) and missing some stuff, but has the key elements, such as squares and points and game over. Its missing a restart button, powerups, highscore and maybe something else... Still playable though, over here.