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Blog: Light Trails
Been experimenting a bit with night photography and light trails. Still learning, and most images are crap, but I managed to take at least some decent images, uploaded in the gallery. Here's one for the front page:

Blog Image
Blog: Drowning in games
Damn it, missed to post in September... To much gaming. First of all, in the beginning of September I got a new game for the PS3, Valkyria Chronicles, and I really liked it. It's a turn based tactical RPG, a bit similar to one of my favorite PS1 games Vandal Hearts. So, a few weekend spent playing that...

Then when the freshness started to die down a little, Civilization 5 was released. I've been a fan of "Civ" all the way back to the first release for MS DOS. And the "one more turn" really makes the hours go by in lighting speed. These last two weeks I've played over 50 hours Civ, a sickening amount smiley. And also, of course a couple of HoN-games every day as well...

So maybe not totally surprising that I missed the monthly update. Anyway, an October post it is, and what does it bring?

I've uploaded lots of new images in the gallery. Added a new folder with images from a recent trip to Ireland, as well as images in various existing categories, most of them in "Photos/Summer".

There's also been a slight improvement on the front page, images are now resized to fit automatically using the same function that is in the gallery, so no more HTML-scaling here either. That will hopefully speed up the loading time a little bit.

To showcase both this and the new photos uploaded, here's one of them:
Sunset at the beach near our family's summer house

My next photo project will be some night photography, either of the sky or light trails from cars, depends on the weather smiley
Blog: Over 5000
As the topic says, over 5000 plays of Yui Makino for me now at last.fm. It took about three years to get to 5000, and that equals to around 5 songs per day. And to celebrate this, a new wallpaper:

Yui Makino in space

Also a 1920x1080 version availible in the gallery.

If you go in to the gallery you'll also notice a subtle difference (maybe smiley). The images are no longer all scaled too a 100x100 thumbnail but a more aspect ratio correct one. Makes it a bit easier to make out what the image is suppose to be.

Btw please vote in the poll for a chance to decide the color scheme of the next skallen.net theme!

Three posts in one month, must be some kind of record for me, weeee!
Blog: New gallery system!
Wee, finally made the changes to my gallery, now I can have subdirectories smiley. Also uploaded some photos in the gallery now that it works a bit better.

Was a new animesuki forum banner contest this month. The theme this time was Friendship/Family. The banners I did are in the gallery, check it out... My favorite was the school rumble one.

Also made a new wallpaper featuring Yui Makino.

The original image looked like this:

Turned out quite nice imho smiley

Been sick last week, so quite a lot of anime since last time.
Blog: New gallery - Switzerland
Been on a trip to Switzerland recently, and I've uploaded some photosI took in a new gallery over here. (phone camera)

Highscores are reset again, don't miss out on your chance to get immortalized here at skallen.net! Meowgirl have been claiming the top spots lately in the blockdown scores. The combo scores are still waiting for a champion, gogo!

Also, I think this is the first post in a long time with no new anime watched. smiley
Blog: Gallery Updates
Yes, the long overdue updates to the gallery has finally been initiated. I've been unhappy with the "open a new page for each image" style of the gallery, and was looking for a way to add a next/previous interface to it. I've previously had been working with Lightbox JS in a theme for phpBB (at my old wow guild homepage), and it fits my needs perfectly. But its a bit to heavy for my taste, so I've been experimenting with different lightweight variants, currently using litebox.

In addition to the "show" aspect, I've also implemented an auto-thumbnail generation in php. If it finds an image that doesn't have a thumbnail generated, they will be created on the fly by the script and saved on the server for the future. This will hopefully mean that the gallery pages will load faster (earlier I had the complete image as thumbnail, just scaled down in html), look smoother (resampling instead of html scale) and save me some bandwidth.

Next up on my update list is the blog frontpage! I'm also experimenting with flex and flash programs without using the Flash CS3 IDE, just text editor and command line compiler. So maybe a new game.... but don't expect it anytime soon smiley

Also just noticed, this is my 100th post at the new skallen.net, woohoo, grats me!
Blog: Christmas is comming...
With new theme! The x-mas theme will automatically be activated in december and will override the user selected theme. That theme will return in January.

I've also reworked the gallery a bit, now it only contains images I've done, either originals or manipulated from some other image. The new wallpaper gallery have some of the wallpapers I've done over the years smiley

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!
Blog: Dual Screen Wallpapers
At home my current screen setup is a 19" and a 17" LCD both running at 1280x1024. And on those screens it really looks nice to have a big fat wide wallpaper that covers them both (it will be even better when they both are 19" sometime in the future). But good 2560x1024 wallpapers doesn't grow on trees! I recently found a very good wallpaper by zaira that I really wanted to use.

So after some magic I came up with this:

Last time a table, this time an image, next time some youtube videos!!! smiley

I'm thinking of making a short tutorial about how I did the dual monitor version, would that be interesting? If you think it would, post a comment! Yeah, you got it, the comments are back up! With the same impossible to read CAPTCHA font as the shoutbox smiley.
Blog: Some new stuff...
Mostly its new images. A few new cats in the cat category. In the cathedrala caterpillar machine catapulted some cattle into a cataclysm which caused a giant catastrophy.

Umm, yeah, right. I also added a new gallery, "manga fun", dont really know what to call it but I find them hilarious, do check them out! I've also removed the xml,rss,validating and stuff and replaced it with another cute manga girl, kairin-san from animesuki smiley. Firefox-tan stays, click her for the best browsing pleasure!
Blog: New stuff!
Tags: poll, gallery
- Comment!
Its really true! Got some new stuff added, not that much but at least something. See that little link under the poll that reads "old polls"? It now works! Check out the old polls along with a small comment about the result. Okay, for you lazy people: Old Polls! And that's not all! Also uploaded a new gallery. Since I have some problems with mice eating all the good cheese at the server, I've now have a gallery full of cats to get rid them all!
Blog: The WoW curse
Well, my friends abandoned DotA and all other game and started playing wow again, and they dragged me down with them smiley. So now I'm back playing wow again, with a new account and character. So far I'm level 29, so it's not like I'm participating in five-hour-raids every night.
Blog: Zomg images!
Yes, new stuff, great, I love new stuff... It rocks. So whats new this time? Well, I think its hard to miss the new logo, dunno if its any better but someone was whining about the other one. Unfortunatley my photoshop skills are limited so this is about the best I can do. The source is availible here if you wanna try to make something yourself smiley.

What else? The image gallery, php generated and controlled. I like when php does everything for me. Anyway, check it out under images in the menu (the gallery itself is kind of lacking content at the moment)