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Blog: Christmas is comming...
With new theme! The x-mas theme will automatically be activated in december and will override the user selected theme. That theme will return in January.

I've also reworked the gallery a bit, now it only contains images I've done, either originals or manipulated from some other image. The new wallpaper gallery have some of the wallpapers I've done over the years smiley

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!
Blog: New theme!
Okay, first, no new game... (big surprise!). But I've done something new at least! If you check the theme selector (top right) there's a new black button there, that will switch to a special AIK theme (by AIK I of course mean Skellefteå AIK). Also fixed a small bug, when clicking the theme selection buttons it would always jump back to the main page, now it stays right on the page you where viewing.
Blog: Happy New Year!
Wohoo, hello 2007! This site is also celebrating its one year anniversary (well, at least in this form). I have amazed my self by writing something here at least once a month, I've never managed to do something like this before, wohoo me!

Now for some plans for 2007:

» Redesign of skallen.net

I'm gonna remake the site to use only css for layout, goodbye tables! It will open up for easier placement and design, and hopefully make it easier to design new themes as well.

» Less gaming

Ooo, this one is tricky. But I'm gonna try to lessen my gaming a bit, in favor for doing more constructive stuff like programming, drawing, writing... Basically, creating stuff i can show off smiley.

» Learn to draw (make a webcomic)

Heh, probably not going to happen, but who knows...

» A new flash game!!

No, really! Already have a beta of it, just need a bit of motivation.

Anyway, about that shameless ad about knightfight, I'm not playing anymore, so don't click smiley. Thanks everyone who did click though.
Blog: New Future
Well, the future can't be old, right? Or can it? Oh, can it will ya? Anyways, 4 more days of work then im on "unpaid vacation" for a month, so that will give me some time to maybe do a bit of work on the site. I would like to add another skin or two, and that link-exchange thingy I always talk about, but never do. Also need to update a bit on the info, some stuff there is kinda out-dated. And if I have the time, maybe I'll put together a new game, since they seem really popular nowdays smiley.
Blog: New stuff
Got some new stuff on the site now, check it out under 'info'. That's the visible news, the invisible new is that all design-related images now resides in the stylesheet, which makes it possible to make different skins and switch them by just switching the current style sheet. So far only the standard design is availible, but I plan to do one or two other designs.