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Blog: The last painful day
Oh noes, is the last day of my vacation, and most of it was rainy smiley.

Rainy days -> Stay Inside -> Play games... smiley

I started replaying Baldur's Gate 2 a bit, but only got to act III, then I got into too many sidequests and didnt finish the game. And when we finally got the network running in our summerhouse I played some Age of Mythology vs. my brother (and won every time smiley).

Also read some books, the Cyberiad by Stanislaw Lem and Permutation City by Greg Egan. The first one was very interesting, definitely need to get more books by Lem. The second one (Egan) was a bit to complicated for me, I cant say I totally understood it, and there were some weird subplots that I think really didn't fit in there. But I'll give him another chance. I'm currently reading another one by him, Incandesence, and I must say, so far (4 chapters in) it feels a lot more appealing than Permutation City.

Phew, just barely made it for this month, cya next time.

PS. Lots of golf on sunny days ;)
Blog: Vacation time
Weee, vacation!

Been playing lots of WoW lately, currently leveling an Orc Hunter named Rogrog. That means I haven't done much else.

Though I've finally manage to finish all the Wheel of Time books (availible now). Took me almost a year, sometimes they were really slow, but the last book was great, now I just have to wait for the conclusion (last book expected sometime in 2009, written by Brandon Sanderson). Looking forward to see how things end.

Not much else, be back after my vacation smiley

(the image is drawn by Rickard)
Blog: New Future
Well, the future can't be old, right? Or can it? Oh, can it will ya? Anyways, 4 more days of work then im on "unpaid vacation" for a month, so that will give me some time to maybe do a bit of work on the site. I would like to add another skin or two, and that link-exchange thingy I always talk about, but never do. Also need to update a bit on the info, some stuff there is kinda out-dated. And if I have the time, maybe I'll put together a new game, since they seem really popular nowdays smiley.