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Blog: A late happy new year
2008 already!? Nothing new here though, the theme is back to your regular one, no more xmas until next december smiley. 75000 visitors passed, wohoo! And maybe a new game this year?
Blog: 111111 and 55555
Tags: visits
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Woot! 111111 visits and 55555 unique visitors. Groovy, those are some nice numbers smiley Thanks alot everyone! (except the stupid bots)
Blog: Warhammer 40k
Yup, a long long time ago in a city far away, I used to play Warhammer 40 000 (40k). I still have my little figurines of course, but I don't play with them anymore, they have been demoted to the decoration platoon. So what is sudden outburst about Warhammer 40k? Well, you see, my site has once again "dinged" (mmorpg term for leveling up), 40 000 visitors! What better way is there to celebrate this than talking about Warhammer 40 000? None I could think about ;)

For once I have an exciting poll question, with FMA and Naruto being in the top positions, so don't forget to vote and save the world!

Got kinda sick of my wallpaper yesterday so I made a new one, here is the result:

Angel of War... or something

Of course i didn't draw the character myself, found it on the internet somewhere. I'm kinda happy with the result, and I think I'm moving in the right direction, my last wallpaper was pink ;). That's all folks!™

I will make one more post this month, look forward to it.
Blog: Even more visitors
Tags: visits
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30 000! Seems like it was just last week it passed 20 k. Keep it up people... Though the Russian spambots that have been plaguing the site are welcome to stay away. Hmm, what else? The new WoW expansion is out, and I have not yet bought it, lets see how long i can resist.

So far my plans for 2007 (see last post) is still that... plans. Nothing new yet smiley.
Blog: 20 000 Visitors
Thats right, yesterday unique visitor nr 20000 stumbled into the site! Amazing! Though this is only for my page "skallen.net", not the games or my other sites. When I checked total visitor count (not counting re-visits), it shows 494884 visits since january 2003, almost half a million people! smiley Some more stats: 7.8 million files downloaded (5500/day), 1.77 million page views (1200/day) and around 105 GB traffic. Cool!

Though the upswing during the "game craze" during june-july, and more recently, the WoW-forum I've been hosting stands for most of this traffic. Still 20 000 people made it here ;)

For this special occasion I made a new splash screen (here, if you missed it) smiley As a small competition, what anime is that from? Post your guess as a comment. No prices, just honor!
Blog: Sugoi!
How cool is this? 100000 visitors in less then a month, this is crazy! (though most of them didnt make it here, they stayed at the game). Well either way, this is soooo cool. I usually have like maybe 500 visitors/month total. Thanks y'all! Im gonna fix a complete highscore list for the games so everyone can see how well they are doing in the list, though its gonna be a long list (10k submitted combo scores). Maybe I even have to make it searchable, that would probably be fun. Good luck with the playing, but imo World of Warcraft > combo.

Our guild is progressing steadily, we got hakkar down twice so far, mc onyxia here we come!

And now a new section that will become a frequent visitor on the news, maybe once or twice a month,
What I've been doing since last time. Enjoy!
Blog: New poll for new people
Yes, its a new poll, hope its more interesting than the last one. And my site seems to be more popular then ever, or rather, my game "combo!" is. I had like 20000 visits in just a few days, wow! Though I personally think that blockdown is more fun, and since I had tried flash programming abit before it, I felt that i could do a bit more in that one. The poll this time is about what game is better (I voted blockdown ;) ), and the games (with top 5 scores) can be found to the right on the news page. Enjoy!