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Blog: New poll for new people
Yes, its a new poll, hope its more interesting than the last one. And my site seems to be more popular then ever, or rather, my game "combo!" is. I had like 20000 visits in just a few days, wow! Though I personally think that blockdown is more fun, and since I had tried flash programming abit before it, I felt that i could do a bit more in that one. The poll this time is about what game is better (I voted blockdown ;) ), and the games (with top 5 scores) can be found to the right on the news page. Enjoy!
Blog: Beware of the blocks
Tags: blockdown, flash, game
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Blocks, tiles, rectangles, they are all present in my new game "Blockdown", now playable (and almost complete, only missing some graphics and an update on the instructions). I hope you'll enjoy it as much as I do smiley

Play Here!
Blog: Another day, another game
Yes, I'm working on a new game, and the old one got scrapped ^^ (the battlefury spaceship game). I might get back on that one later, but for now im working on 'blockdown', and the title is all I'm going to spoil now. It's more of a puzzle game, one of those where stuff falls down on a line. Hmm, I feel nice today, I'm gonna give ya'll an image preview as well, check it here!