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Blog: Sugoi!
How cool is this? 100000 visitors in less then a month, this is crazy! (though most of them didnt make it here, they stayed at the game). Well either way, this is soooo cool. I usually have like maybe 500 visitors/month total. Thanks y'all! Im gonna fix a complete highscore list for the games so everyone can see how well they are doing in the list, though its gonna be a long list (10k submitted combo scores). Maybe I even have to make it searchable, that would probably be fun. Good luck with the playing, but imo World of Warcraft > combo.

Our guild is progressing steadily, we got hakkar down twice so far, mc onyxia here we come!

And now a new section that will become a frequent visitor on the news, maybe once or twice a month,
What I've been doing since last time. Enjoy!
Blog: New poll for new people
Yes, its a new poll, hope its more interesting than the last one. And my site seems to be more popular then ever, or rather, my game "combo!" is. I had like 20000 visits in just a few days, wow! Though I personally think that blockdown is more fun, and since I had tried flash programming abit before it, I felt that i could do a bit more in that one. The poll this time is about what game is better (I voted blockdown ;) ), and the games (with top 5 scores) can be found to the right on the news page. Enjoy!
Blog: Ring Ring Ring...
Bananaphone! Umm, nevermind. I've removed the splash @ skallen.net and also removed the old site, so now its all action over here! Im still not done yet though, I guess the info part is up next but that is what I suck at the most so I keep putting it off for later. Also, no-one has beaten my record at Combo! yet smiley
Blog: Tiny
Tags: DotA, combo!
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Tiny is a dude in DotA, a hero that's really small, but his ultimate skill is to grow. But, well, whatever, who cares? What you should care about is the new highscore panel to the right, where the top scorers in my games will be visible smiley(only one game so far). Also, that game (combo!) had a tiny update to take away some cheating possibilities. There, I said tiny again, hmm, weird.
Blog: Updated Game
Okay, the game mentioned yesterday is kinda updated and remade smiley. New concept, rules and a new highscore system (with me on top at the moment 8)). The rules: Avoid the black ones, capture colored ones, and if you make the combo, you get a multiplier bonus. For each time you make the combo without touching the wrong kind of color, the multiplier (and score) increases... Get to it, beat my score! Play here!