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Blog: Wow, DotA again! With golf clubs?!
golf, DotA, photo
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So... summer is coming (hopefully) and that means more outside less inside. Also unfortunately that means no more time to lead a guild in WoW, so our guild kinda fell apart smiley.

So instead I play Dota. Weee!

Dota fits better since you can just play one hour then leave it at that, no need to spend 4-5 hours grinding instances gone bad.

So DotA is one new time sink, the other one is Golf! I got clubs and everything and currently working on getting my official handicap.

Was in storforsen this week and took some pictures of the rapids there. Below is one of the pictures, with a nice rainbow in there. There's more in the gallery.

Blog: The WoW curse
Well, my friends abandoned DotA and all other game and started playing wow again, and they dragged me down with them smiley. So now I'm back playing wow again, with a new account and character. So far I'm level 29, so it's not like I'm participating in five-hour-raids every night.
Blog: OOT
Tags: DotA, guide
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OOT: Out Of Town, not at home, and without my computer smiley. I'll be working in Luleå for about 4 weeks, only comming home on the weekends, so don't expect much updating (or anything at all). So long and thanks for the fish.

Oh, and for all you people that comes here looking for a Tiny Dota guide, sorry, I didnt write one. But here's a mini guide as compensation:


Ring of Basilius

(Tiny have very low armor!)

2x Null Talisman

(to get some extra mana to spam spells)

Power Threads


(Mana and Health Regen)



First max out avalanche and toss. At lvl 8 you will be able to kill almost anyone by stunning then running up to them and toss 'em for the kill. I play caster until I get my hyperstone, then I usually switch focus to melee and buy in my ultimate/growspell, untill then I get the Armor and ability points. After hyperstone you can get a linkens (protection and mana) or a battlefury (money!) or something else fun, like buriza or satanic or something, doesnt matter that much, just get something good smiley
Blog: Tiny
Tags: DotA, combo!
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Tiny is a dude in DotA, a hero that's really small, but his ultimate skill is to grow. But, well, whatever, who cares? What you should care about is the new highscore panel to the right, where the top scorers in my games will be visible smiley(only one game so far). Also, that game (combo!) had a tiny update to take away some cheating possibilities. There, I said tiny again, hmm, weird.