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Blog: Summer recap
Well, summer is over... Nah not really, but my vacation is so next monday is back to work. Weee!

Been doing some golfing (still needs work!), a lot of agricola-playing, a lot of anime watching, and just recently, a hell of a lot of Final Fantasy XIII playing!

Just wanted to post something before the end of the month... so not much news, maybe next time.

Oh, and starcraft 2 just released, only played the first mission yet, but looks promising. smiley
Blog: Wow, DotA again! With golf clubs?!
golf, DotA, photo
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So... summer is coming (hopefully) and that means more outside less inside. Also unfortunately that means no more time to lead a guild in WoW, so our guild kinda fell apart smiley.

So instead I play Dota. Weee!

Dota fits better since you can just play one hour then leave it at that, no need to spend 4-5 hours grinding instances gone bad.

So DotA is one new time sink, the other one is Golf! I got clubs and everything and currently working on getting my official handicap.

Was in storforsen this week and took some pictures of the rapids there. Below is one of the pictures, with a nice rainbow in there. There's more in the gallery.