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Blog: Happy New Year
2013 is the first year since 1987 where all digits are unique smiley
Blog: 2012 Retrospection
Tags: nonsense
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Well, the year is not quite over yet... but not that much remaining and I've got nothing else to write about.

It started out great with expanding the opinion system with new features and even a new category. Also a new wallpaper. Then I got sidetracked by to much gaming and haven't really done anything more for the site since then. Still have a few wallpapers I'm working on but they aren't good enough yet. Maybe one more in 2012 as a Christmas present smiley

Russian IS-3, from World of Tanks

To liven up things a little I added a new 'World of Tanks'-gallery, and the screenshot above is one of the new images. Plan to add more as I play and get some cool scenes. Just played my 8000'th match, so you could say I'm pretty addicted smiley.

Also currently replaying Baldur's Gate and Baldur's Gate 2, one of the best computer RPGs ever. And it's still an awesome game!
Blog: Fail
Well, one month missing and nothing much to show, so just a short note to add all the new opinions in place.

Blog: Wall of text with no images, but a few links.
Been on a trip to Israel last for about a week (work related), and just got back home yesterday. Unfortunately I didn't have space in my backpack for the camera, so I only took a few pictures with my mobile phone, but that camera isn't very good :/.

A new poll is up. The last one ended with Battlestar Galactica in the top, as it should be smiley. The new one is about different metal genres, gogo vote (im voting progressive metal, but that doesn't mean I have cancer).

Got a new wallpaper in the gallery, but it's not as good as the last one, so I'll just link to it. Working on another one that I'll hopefully will be more happy with!

Still working my way through the Sword of Truth series, but currently taking a break to read the new Alastair Reynolds book Terminal World.

I had originally written a much longer post but it got lost in cyberspace... this will have to do for now.
Blog: Wallpaper heroes!
I kinda held out on this one, working on some wallpapers, but they aren't quite there yet... So I guess I'll have to post something now or I'll miss my monthly quota, plus I have a lot of media to add before I forgot it all smiley

There will probably be a new post soon with wallpapers and stuff smiley

Anyway, the main reason nothing is done is Heroes of Newerth, a DotA clone with new graphics, some new heroes and a lot of other improvements! (network, social, server, ratings, statistics). In closed beta at the moment, I have some invites if someone wants though smiley

Time for another game now, be back next time with some wallpapers (thats right, more than one!!).
Blog: Shouting in a box
Or maybe inside the pumpkin head?? Anyway, the shoutbox is now working properly, for the first time in like... forever. Anything goes into it, å, ä ö, even 日本語! Test it out smiley

Not much else to report at this time, just posted something last week, can't exhaust my stash too fast, but I guess I can offer some oneliners...

Soon time for x-mas theme, I got it slightly updated for this year.

Two posts now without images (though the last one came with a theme).

Maybe I'll do a list for next time.

Sweden - Czech Republic, 4-3, woohoo.

I wish I had a new game for the site.

Good night!
Blog: Random Rant
I hate writing the topic first. But in the posting interface its topic, then the text so I usually type something in the topic field then start typing whatever I feel like posting. However this means that I first spend 5-10 minutes trying to figure out a good topic™ (has been used as a topic once).
So this time I was as usual pondering what to write in the topic field, but then I figured, wth, just skip it!

Was playing around in my favorite painting program (not GIMP!) a few days ago, and I had some ideas for a new design. Ta~da: Design. Turned out alright, but as a friend pointed out to me: "Space, isnt that kinda outdated...?". And I have to agree with him, it looks nice, but I like the neutrality of the current theme, its just a design, not bound to any special theme or anything like that. Fits perfect since the data here kinda varies smiley.

Also when I have time I think I really should recode the html/css of the site, cause now there just are too many tables and shit like that, DIV ftw!

Hmm, still thinking about a topic. Nothing good yet (and the system wont allow me to post without one).

Okay, a topic is now in place, posting...
Blog: the Mystery of the Missing Month
Tags: nonsense
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In a dark alley, something stirred in the tranquil night. It was something so horrifying that it almost was unable too look on, yet when you saw it, you couldn't look away... It was... without a doubt.... the MISSING MONTH!!! It suddenly leaped out from the alley and exposed itself as May.

Damn this month passed so fast that I didn't even have time to write something on my web. But then again, there's nothing to write about... so no loss there. But the time is changing, so here I am again! smiley I have a new project that will come up on the project page real soon.
Blog: THE February post
Yes, this is the one and only February post! Enjoy it while it last... Okay, lets get things started. Umm, yeah, lets do it... OK! here I go... Ha, just kidding! Fell for that easy one, didnt ya? Ah well, lets go...

When I was randomly internet browsing yesterday I found this site with some fun statistics. Apparently skallen.net is the 653858:st ranked site on the internet over the last three months. I know, doesnt sound so amazing, but considering the amount of stuff on the internet these days, not so bad!

Of course, nothing new here yet, not even a new poll (but it might be a new one coming in a few days). At least I managed to decrease the amount of spambots harasing my site with a tiny little script (stupid bots!). Makes me wonder about how many of my visitors that are real people and how many that are bots. Ha, there's a nice poll, "Hello there, are you a a bot?" ;)
Blog: Yet again I fail...
Tags: nonsense
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... to update with new WoW pics. And I failed to write some news on monday. And I will probably fail to upload any pics in the weekend too. And I'm writing to many "And". On the other hand, work is going great, and I will soon have broadband the whole week instead of just the weekends. Yay.


Yeah, no more today.
Blog: Something new
Well, there's something new in the writing section, not sure what it is though... Is it anything at all? The poll is going great as usual btw.
Blog: Slowing down
Tags: nonsense
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Yes, unfortunatley the action is slowing down a bit here at skallen.net. 4/6 of the site is done (kinda) and the remaining 2/6 I really dont know what it should be. Reviews was a fun idea but I dont think I will ever write that much so it would be a bit wasted, other is other... and I dont have anything other at the moment
Blog: Slow
Tags: nonsense
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Its slooooooow!