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Blog: Out and about
Hello there! New "first" in the blog again! This time the first post not from sweden. I'm posting this from germany, guten tag smiley. This month also celebrates a year with the new highscore system, with montly scores for each game. I think the system has worked out great, there's always something going on in the charts (though some people have a few more highscores than others...).

This month also sees the release of the new World of Warcraft expansion, so naturally I've played quite alot of WoW, though maybe not as much as I would have liked. I'm only level 74, leveling my hunter first of all. Northrend is a great looking expansion though, and I'm planning to take my time leveling and just follow the questlines in each area. With the new achievement system there's a nice "Loremaster" title to be gained from doing most of the quests in each zone.

Speaking of WoW, when I leveled up my priest (almost two years ago) I constantly took screenshots of the areas I was in and published them on my site. I'm gonna do it this time around as well! No screens on this computer though, so it will come in a later post.

Speaking of images... I've also purchased a SLR camera and gonna put up some images from that as well. This leads to the next probable upgrade for skallen.net, a rework of the gallery that allows subgalleries.

Speaking of speaking of.... whatever, this is it for now.
Blog: Highscore RSS
There's now RSS-feeds available for each game that shows the current monthly highscores, so players easily can keep track if they are on it or not (and if not, beat the highscore to stay on top!) Enjoy!

Click the RSS icons over at the game page to access it.
Blog: Go Go Gaming
I really like how the new highscore system turned out, and so far each month is getting enough plays to keep it interesting smiley. In another month or two I will wipe the scores from before November 2007 (the scores without date), so from then on it will be easier to get into the top 100. At least for a few months...

With this system in place, I really feel like I should make another game, its a bit wasted with only two games. The problem at the moment is... flash. Can hardly remember how to do anything, and when I tried with the new 3.0(?) actionscript I couldnt get anything to work, and gave up to early. Also the game idea was a bit complicated. I think this time I'll start simple and just let evolve along the way (kinda like how I did combo).

Also been doing a little css-ing on the side for my friend Anton over at GameSiteTemplates.com. Some of that work inspired me to redesign this page smiley. Though sometimes it just drives me nuts trying to make it work in both Internet Explorer and Firefox. Good thing I restarted playing wow recently, I can always log in and take out my frustration on some lowbies smiley.

My draenei mage is now level 50 and are just about to venture into the sunken temple!

I'll try to think a little on the gaming for next time and probably post some ideas I have. No guarantees though.
Blog: New highscore lists online
Okay, got the new lists on line, for starters i have top 5 for each month someone have played (for now, only November is available, since this is the first month the date is saved with the score) top 100 overall (ignoring date) and currents month top 10. Also changed the score on the front page to show top 5 of the current month. With this changes it will be a lot easier to get your name in the skallen.net game hall of fame smiley

I plan to eventually expand the top 100 overall to browsable list of all highscore later (possibly much later). A Christmas theme is also on my todo-list.
Blog: Highscore update!
I'm working on a new highscore section here on skallen.net. I've just added the date when each highscore is recorded (from now on...) and I plan to have monthly highscore lists on the front page instead of overall highest. This will hopefully stimulate players to play more (yay internet fame!) and also be a little more fun to watch, since the highscores now are almost static, I don't think there has been much change on like forever.

I expect these new changes to go live sometimes during this month, and I'm thinking of doing a wipe of the old scores as well, since they don't have the date information. Want me to keep them? Let me know in the shoutbox (haha, they will get soooo wiped smiley).
Blog: Cheating
Well someone cheated on my game, combo. Pretty lame if you ask me. I know the highscore system isn't bulletproofed, but then again, didnt expect to have 100 000+ players either. So a little cheating doesnt bother me that much, I will take it as a compliment... "Your game is so great that I'll check if I can cheat on it" smiley

Tough... Cheating is wrong! In honor of the cheater, the highscores are here by reset! I've been thinking about resetting them to get some more action, and now its done! Start getting your new highscores now!
Blog: Brainiac
Well, did a simple test at expressen.se to test my intelligence, its a simple test really, just moving dots on a grid. Anyways, I scored 18/18, not that bad. I think the poll is broken by the way. Option 1 always win, just check out the old polls. Weird. What else? Just checked the highscore database for combo, 22000+ submittet highscores, wow! I'm thinking of redoing it so it saves the date as well, so I can have a "best of today" list as well, since its kinda impossible to get into the top 5 list now.

Oh, and here's the link for test (in swedish): Test

And my score: Score
Blog: Sugoi!
How cool is this? 100000 visitors in less then a month, this is crazy! (though most of them didnt make it here, they stayed at the game). Well either way, this is soooo cool. I usually have like maybe 500 visitors/month total. Thanks y'all! Im gonna fix a complete highscore list for the games so everyone can see how well they are doing in the list, though its gonna be a long list (10k submitted combo scores). Maybe I even have to make it searchable, that would probably be fun. Good luck with the playing, but imo World of Warcraft > combo.

Our guild is progressing steadily, we got hakkar down twice so far, mc onyxia here we come!

And now a new section that will become a frequent visitor on the news, maybe once or twice a month,
What I've been doing since last time. Enjoy!
Blog: Ring Ring Ring...
Bananaphone! Umm, nevermind. I've removed the splash @ skallen.net and also removed the old site, so now its all action over here! Im still not done yet though, I guess the info part is up next but that is what I suck at the most so I keep putting it off for later. Also, no-one has beaten my record at Combo! yet smiley