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Blog: Out and about
Hello there! New "first" in the blog again! This time the first post not from sweden. I'm posting this from germany, guten tag smiley. This month also celebrates a year with the new highscore system, with montly scores for each game. I think the system has worked out great, there's always something going on in the charts (though some people have a few more highscores than others...).

This month also sees the release of the new World of Warcraft expansion, so naturally I've played quite alot of WoW, though maybe not as much as I would have liked. I'm only level 74, leveling my hunter first of all. Northrend is a great looking expansion though, and I'm planning to take my time leveling and just follow the questlines in each area. With the new achievement system there's a nice "Loremaster" title to be gained from doing most of the quests in each zone.

Speaking of WoW, when I leveled up my priest (almost two years ago) I constantly took screenshots of the areas I was in and published them on my site. I'm gonna do it this time around as well! No screens on this computer though, so it will come in a later post.

Speaking of images... I've also purchased a SLR camera and gonna put up some images from that as well. This leads to the next probable upgrade for skallen.net, a rework of the gallery that allows subgalleries.

Speaking of speaking of.... whatever, this is it for now.