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Blog: Wall of text with no images, but a few links.
Been on a trip to Israel last for about a week (work related), and just got back home yesterday. Unfortunately I didn't have space in my backpack for the camera, so I only took a few pictures with my mobile phone, but that camera isn't very good :/.

A new poll is up. The last one ended with Battlestar Galactica in the top, as it should be smiley. The new one is about different metal genres, gogo vote (im voting progressive metal, but that doesn't mean I have cancer).

Got a new wallpaper in the gallery, but it's not as good as the last one, so I'll just link to it. Working on another one that I'll hopefully will be more happy with!

Still working my way through the Sword of Truth series, but currently taking a break to read the new Alastair Reynolds book Terminal World.

I had originally written a much longer post but it got lost in cyberspace... this will have to do for now.
Blog: New Theme... And poll!
theme, poll
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First new theme in a really long time! This time a red one. I actually planned to make a red one for the launch, but it turned out pink instead of red, so it got scrapped. But now I was stuck without internet for a few days and that helped smiley. The switch for changing themes also got a few tweaks, now it doesn't require the browser to reload the page every time you switch theme!

Also a new poll, this time about your favorite theme (coincidence, I promise!). Since I can only have five options the x-mas theme had to stay out of it. You can't pick it though, so I guess it makes some kind of sense.

Also working on another theme, we'll see if it gets finished this year or next smiley

Blog: N(yui) Poll
Not sure if anyone gets the headline joke, it's suppose to be a joke anyway...

A new poll is up, this time about some of the most used tags on my blog. Last one confirmed what I always knew, the butler did it.

And about the yui in the title, I now have two Yui's on my top 10 most played artists (overall) on last fm:

1: Yui Makino 3,456 plays

9: YUI 1,000 plays

What's the odds that two Yui's would end up on my top 10? Not sure if its a really common name in Japan or what.

Other than j-pop I mostly listen to progressive or symphonic metal these days. Been looking around on spotify and some of my new finds includes Opeth, Krypteria and Amaseffer.

Oh, and just recently installed my wacom on my new computer, so maybe I'll draw something nice 'till next time smiley, cya.
Blog: The 101
So this one takes me past the 100 mark, yay! Old poll ended, new poll started!

I've stopped playing World of Warcraft for the fourth time this week, and currently I'm gameless o_O. I dont really feel like going back to DotA again so I'll just gonna chill with the gaming for a while. Age of Conan looks a bit interesting but I'm a little negative to the "playable on Xbox as well" concept, the PC controls might suffer from that. Gonna check if they have and free trial week or something, dont wanna pay for a game that's probably just a wow with a prettier dress.

Aria, one of the best animes I've seen, have ended. Boohoo smiley. Great ending though, and there's still a DVD-only episode unreleased.

That will have to do for May, next time its summer (we're not quite there yet up here in luleå) see ya then.
Blog: Cant figure out a good topic
Tags: poll, internet, tv
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Wow, closest poll so far, but Full Metal Alchemist wins over naruto with just a few votes. My favorite Hunter x Hunter finished fourth, boo-hoo. A new poll is comming up in the next few days.

I tried some Joost the other day btw, and I was not impressed. In these HD-days Joost delivered video of utter crap quality. I can't see how it will be a success if that is the final product. The content is also somewhat lacking but that will probably be improved, and I hope the video quality will be too.
Blog: Warhammer 40k
Yup, a long long time ago in a city far away, I used to play Warhammer 40 000 (40k). I still have my little figurines of course, but I don't play with them anymore, they have been demoted to the decoration platoon. So what is sudden outburst about Warhammer 40k? Well, you see, my site has once again "dinged" (mmorpg term for leveling up), 40 000 visitors! What better way is there to celebrate this than talking about Warhammer 40 000? None I could think about ;)

For once I have an exciting poll question, with FMA and Naruto being in the top positions, so don't forget to vote and save the world!

Got kinda sick of my wallpaper yesterday so I made a new one, here is the result:

Angel of War... or something

Of course i didn't draw the character myself, found it on the internet somewhere. I'm kinda happy with the result, and I think I'm moving in the right direction, my last wallpaper was pink ;). That's all folks!™

I will make one more post this month, look forward to it.
Blog: New stuff!
Tags: poll, gallery
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Its really true! Got some new stuff added, not that much but at least something. See that little link under the poll that reads "old polls"? It now works! Check out the old polls along with a small comment about the result. Okay, for you lazy people: Old Polls! And that's not all! Also uploaded a new gallery. Since I have some problems with mice eating all the good cheese at the server, I've now have a gallery full of cats to get rid them all!
Blog: New month, new poll
Tags: poll, planet
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Yup, you got it, a brand new pull to start up a new month! This time, its about celestial bodies, aka, planets. To make it a little easier for you all, I'll just go ahead and list where they are from.

» Omicron Persei VIII (Futurama)

» Krypton (Superman)

» Tatooine (Star Wars)

» Planet Spaceball (Spaceballs: The Movie)

» Planet of the Apes (Planet of the Apes)


Planet of the Apes (Simpsons style)

Chimpanzee 1: Help! The human's about to escape.

Troy: Get your paws off me, you dirty ape!

Chimpanzee 2: (gasp) He can talk!

Orangutans: He can talk! He can talk! He can talk!
He can talk! He can talk! He can talk!

Troy: And I can siiiiiiiiiiing!

Chimp Nurse: Oooh! Help me, Dr. Zaius!

Orangutans: Dr. Zaius! Dr. Zaius!

Dr. Zaius! Dr. Zaius!

Dr. Zaius! Dr. Zaius!

O, Dr. Zaius!

Orangutan 1: Dr. Zaius! Dr. Zaius!

Troy: What's wrong with me?

Dr. Zaius: I think you're crazy.

Troy: I want a second opinion.

Dr. Zaius: You're also lazy

Orangutans: Dr. Zaius! Dr. Zaius!

Dr. Zaius! Dr. Zaius!

Dr. Zaius! Dr. Zaius!

O, Dr. Zaius!

Orangutan 1: Dr. Zaius! Dr. Zaius!

Troy: Can I play the piano any more?

Dr. Zaius: Of course you can!

Troy: Well I couldn't before.

(plays piano)

Orangutans: Dr. Zaius! Dr. Zaius!

Dr. Zaius! Dr. Zaius!

Dr. Zaius! Dr. Zaius!
Blog: New poll for new people
Yes, its a new poll, hope its more interesting than the last one. And my site seems to be more popular then ever, or rather, my game "combo!" is. I had like 20000 visits in just a few days, wow! Though I personally think that blockdown is more fun, and since I had tried flash programming abit before it, I felt that i could do a bit more in that one. The poll this time is about what game is better (I voted blockdown ;) ), and the games (with top 5 scores) can be found to the right on the news page. Enjoy!
Blog: New poll!
This is the poll that might end all polls. Naa, even if everyone hate it I'll still keep it, bwahahaha. This feels a bit like a forces update, to keep my one update/week goal smiley. Bla bla bla. Some of my friends are starting to play World of Warcraft again, what a bunch of idiots, walking into that trap againsmiley. Good thing I got rid of my account, so I couldn't play even if I wanted.
Blog: Make comments!
Tags: comment, poll
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Well, no-one writes in the shoutbox, but maybe someone will comment on the news. Or maybe not smiley. At least now you have the option, just click the 'comment!' or 'comments [ n ]' links at the top of the news item you wish to comment to get to the comment page for that news.

Edit: Brand new graphics on the poll-meters, for now its kind of mac-style, might do something else later, was just testing how to do it.
Blog: Poll!
Yes, a new poll, and this one is working... Also note the nice red icons on todays news smiley. I think this is it for today.

Edit: I'm now working on the shoutbox smiley