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Blog: N(yui) Poll
Not sure if anyone gets the headline joke, it's suppose to be a joke anyway...

A new poll is up, this time about some of the most used tags on my blog. Last one confirmed what I always knew, the butler did it.

And about the yui in the title, I now have two Yui's on my top 10 most played artists (overall) on last fm:

1: Yui Makino 3,456 plays

9: YUI 1,000 plays

What's the odds that two Yui's would end up on my top 10? Not sure if its a really common name in Japan or what.

Other than j-pop I mostly listen to progressive or symphonic metal these days. Been looking around on spotify and some of my new finds includes Opeth, Krypteria and Amaseffer.

Oh, and just recently installed my wacom on my new computer, so maybe I'll draw something nice 'till next time smiley, cya.
Blog: Tagging complete
Tags: tagging
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My tagging system is now kinda complete, the arrows are there and u can click them to view all the news tagged with it, and also get a list of all other tags used around here. I've also fixed a little bug with the shoutbox and the captcha thingy.

Now all that remains is tagging all the old posts >_<
Blog: Tagged with AJAX
I'm experimenting a little with AJAX, and what better place to experiment then here? smiley. So far I've put together a little tagging functionality for the news.

It (will) work like this:
» I create a new entry and add some relevant tags to it
» The tags is displayed under the post
» Visitors can then click on a tag they think is fitting for the post
» Clicking on the tag will add weight to that tag (AJAX)
» Tags with higher weight will display in bigger/bolder style
» Clicking on the image next to the tag will show other posts tagged with the same tag

At the moment I've completed the AJAX part, but new weights wont show on the tags unless page is reloaded, and there's no image to click to get to similar tagged posts. But soon smiley

Future plans includes AJAX-ifying the shoutbox and poll! A little more 2.0 now, wai!
Edit: Woot 80 000 uniques! Also the comment function has disappeared somehow, will fix it later...