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Blog: Ulduar, or how time disappears
New expansion of World of Warcraft this month, and I've spent the last 5 days in a row raiding. That leaves little time for anything else. Before it launched, I did have some time to work on the tag system I mentioned in a post a while back. Now I have tags for music, wiki, links and images, so I can post more fun stuff a little bit easier.

Anyway, its springtime again, and I've taken out my bicycle! But its thought cycling to work after a winter of riding the bus smiley.

Thats all for now, next time I'm gonna post some Tilt-shifted images smiley
Blog: New gallery - Switzerland
Been on a trip to Switzerland recently, and I've uploaded some photosI took in a new gallery over here. (phone camera)

Highscores are reset again, don't miss out on your chance to get immortalized here at skallen.net! Meowgirl have been claiming the top spots lately in the blockdown scores. The combo scores are still waiting for a champion, gogo!

Also, I think this is the first post in a long time with no new anime watched. smiley
Blog: Dual Screen Wallpapers
At home my current screen setup is a 19" and a 17" LCD both running at 1280x1024. And on those screens it really looks nice to have a big fat wide wallpaper that covers them both (it will be even better when they both are 19" sometime in the future). But good 2560x1024 wallpapers doesn't grow on trees! I recently found a very good wallpaper by zaira that I really wanted to use.

So after some magic I came up with this:

Last time a table, this time an image, next time some youtube videos!!! smiley

I'm thinking of making a short tutorial about how I did the dual monitor version, would that be interesting? If you think it would, post a comment! Yeah, you got it, the comments are back up! With the same impossible to read CAPTCHA font as the shoutbox smiley.
Blog: Random Rant
I hate writing the topic first. But in the posting interface its topic, then the text so I usually type something in the topic field then start typing whatever I feel like posting. However this means that I first spend 5-10 minutes trying to figure out a good topic™ (has been used as a topic once).
So this time I was as usual pondering what to write in the topic field, but then I figured, wth, just skip it!

Was playing around in my favorite painting program (not GIMP!) a few days ago, and I had some ideas for a new design. Ta~da: Design. Turned out alright, but as a friend pointed out to me: "Space, isnt that kinda outdated...?". And I have to agree with him, it looks nice, but I like the neutrality of the current theme, its just a design, not bound to any special theme or anything like that. Fits perfect since the data here kinda varies smiley.

Also when I have time I think I really should recode the html/css of the site, cause now there just are too many tables and shit like that, DIV ftw!

Hmm, still thinking about a topic. Nothing good yet (and the system wont allow me to post without one).

Okay, a topic is now in place, posting...
Blog: To much anime...
... so I've got nothing else to report . Been finishing up a few series that I've never managed to end. And also done a few banners for a competition at animesuki, and they can be found over at my my gallery. Not much more at the moment. No flash games in sight this year smiley.
Blog: Some new stuff...
Mostly its new images. A few new cats in the cat category. In the cathedrala caterpillar machine catapulted some cattle into a cataclysm which caused a giant catastrophy.

Umm, yeah, right. I also added a new gallery, "manga fun", dont really know what to call it but I find them hilarious, do check them out! I've also removed the xml,rss,validating and stuff and replaced it with another cute manga girl, kairin-san from animesuki smiley. Firefox-tan stays, click her for the best browsing pleasure!
Blog: Update on Friday!
Yes, its true, finally some new wow screens! Since its a holiday today and I'm home early I had some time over to upload the screen, and my favorite one is the one from feralas, it looks pretty nice imo.
Blog: Slowing down
Long time no see! I've been sick a week, then been playing WoW non-stop for a week, so havent had much time doing anything on the site, only uploaded a couple of new screens from World of Warcraft, and that's pretty much it. Well, I got a forum for our guild hosted on my site as well, it can be found at fatal.skallen.net. As of now I'm back working in Luleå so my WoW addiction will be somewhat cured during the week.
Blog: Zomg images!
Yes, new stuff, great, I love new stuff... It rocks. So whats new this time? Well, I think its hard to miss the new logo, dunno if its any better but someone was whining about the other one. Unfortunatley my photoshop skills are limited so this is about the best I can do. The source is availible here if you wanna try to make something yourself smiley.

What else? The image gallery, php generated and controlled. I like when php does everything for me. Anyway, check it out under images in the menu (the gallery itself is kind of lacking content at the moment)