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Blog: New gallery system!
Wee, finally made the changes to my gallery, now I can have subdirectories smiley. Also uploaded some photos in the gallery now that it works a bit better.

Was a new animesuki forum banner contest this month. The theme this time was Friendship/Family. The banners I did are in the gallery, check it out... My favorite was the school rumble one.

Also made a new wallpaper featuring Yui Makino.

The original image looked like this:

Turned out quite nice imho smiley

Been sick last week, so quite a lot of anime since last time.
Blog: To much anime...
... so I've got nothing else to report . Been finishing up a few series that I've never managed to end. And also done a few banners for a competition at animesuki, and they can be found over at my my gallery. Not much more at the moment. No flash games in sight this year smiley.