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Blog: Time for some new Titles
I've been working to make the site a bit more search engine friendly, and maybe sometime in the future HTML 5 conversion. A first step on this long journey is some proper page titles. Until a few days ago, all pages had the same title (skallen.net - interweb 3.0).

Now all pages are named like this: skallen.net - category - subcategory. For example: "skallen.net - gallery - wallpapers - yui makino" (2 subcategories!) or "skallen.net - tags - worldofwarcraft".

Not completely finished yet though, projects and polls are not done. Projects still have some remnants from skallen 2.0 code structure and needs to be remodeled into my current standard to work with the new title system, and to a lesser extent, polls as well.

Edit: Projects are fixed!

Finally have a Starcraft II beta key! Got it after pre-purchasing the game, woopiedoo. The only sad thing about it is that I really suck at it :/. Needs more practice!

Heroes of Newerth is "going retail" may 12, I've already pre-purchased that one as well, but on the release day I'll have the chance to claim my real nick instead of the one I have now (with some number/letter substitutions).

Blog: Go SAIK!
Skellefteå AIK made it to the SM-Finals, so for the rest of the season I've forced the AIK theme on my site (your regular theme will be back after).

I've made a small update on the shoutbox, not AJAX yet (working on it), only a little javascript. And the comments will be back after I fixed the shoutbox since they will share some code.

Three posts already this month, and many more to come! (maybe)
Blog: Helljump?!
Yes, helljump! It's the current working title of my next game which is a bouncy action game. Not releasing anything more than the name, my plan is to finish it sometime during this weekend. Hope you all enjoy it!
Blog: More games?
Well, it seems kinda weird to have my games "offsite", so im working on merging them into my regular site. So far, the games are there and there's a link to them, but I have not got the highscores working yet so if you want to break the new highscore, use the old links. Also started to work on a more complete highscore system, but no ETA on that yet.
Blog: Another day, another game
Yes, I'm working on a new game, and the old one got scrapped ^^ (the battlefury spaceship game). I might get back on that one later, but for now im working on 'blockdown', and the title is all I'm going to spoil now. It's more of a puzzle game, one of those where stuff falls down on a line. Hmm, I feel nice today, I'm gonna give ya'll an image preview as well, check it here!
Blog: A new game! Zomg
Im working on a new game, just put it up under project. I hope I can finish this sometime this month, so stay tuned! A few screens and a playable demo availible here!
Blog: Flash game
I've been doing some stuff in flash lately, so in order to just test what I could do I did a simple clone of the game "squares 2". Its still in development (1½ hours so far) and missing some stuff, but has the key elements, such as squares and points and game over. Its missing a restart button, powerups, highscore and maybe something else... Still playable though, over here.
Blog: Shout your heart out
The frekkin' box is working, and pretty well! Go go shout. It even has some simple spam protection. Next up is some smilies smiley
Blog: Poll!
Yes, a new poll, and this one is working... Also note the nice red icons on todays news smiley. I think this is it for today.

Edit: I'm now working on the shoutbox smiley
Blog: Progress
Slow and steady wins the race! smiley So far i've fixed the new layout (most of it anyway) and are now working on the coding. The news posting system is up and running, and so are the new news archive (but not much there yet, but will be nice when i have lots of old news!).