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Blog: Time for some new Titles
I've been working to make the site a bit more search engine friendly, and maybe sometime in the future HTML 5 conversion. A first step on this long journey is some proper page titles. Until a few days ago, all pages had the same title (skallen.net - interweb 3.0).

Now all pages are named like this: skallen.net - category - subcategory. For example: "skallen.net - gallery - wallpapers - yui makino" (2 subcategories!) or "skallen.net - tags - worldofwarcraft".

Not completely finished yet though, projects and polls are not done. Projects still have some remnants from skallen 2.0 code structure and needs to be remodeled into my current standard to work with the new title system, and to a lesser extent, polls as well.

Edit: Projects are fixed!

Finally have a Starcraft II beta key! Got it after pre-purchasing the game, woopiedoo. The only sad thing about it is that I really suck at it :/. Needs more practice!

Heroes of Newerth is "going retail" may 12, I've already pre-purchased that one as well, but on the release day I'll have the chance to claim my real nick instead of the one I have now (with some number/letter substitutions).

Blog: Wallpaper heroes!
I kinda held out on this one, working on some wallpapers, but they aren't quite there yet... So I guess I'll have to post something now or I'll miss my monthly quota, plus I have a lot of media to add before I forgot it all smiley

There will probably be a new post soon with wallpapers and stuff smiley

Anyway, the main reason nothing is done is Heroes of Newerth, a DotA clone with new graphics, some new heroes and a lot of other improvements! (network, social, server, ratings, statistics). In closed beta at the moment, I have some invites if someone wants though smiley

Time for another game now, be back next time with some wallpapers (thats right, more than one!!).