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Blog: Summer recap
Well, summer is over... Nah not really, but my vacation is so next monday is back to work. Weee!

Been doing some golfing (still needs work!), a lot of agricola-playing, a lot of anime watching, and just recently, a hell of a lot of Final Fantasy XIII playing!

Just wanted to post something before the end of the month... so not much news, maybe next time.

Oh, and starcraft 2 just released, only played the first mission yet, but looks promising. smiley
Blog: Wallpaper heroes!
I kinda held out on this one, working on some wallpapers, but they aren't quite there yet... So I guess I'll have to post something now or I'll miss my monthly quota, plus I have a lot of media to add before I forgot it all smiley

There will probably be a new post soon with wallpapers and stuff smiley

Anyway, the main reason nothing is done is Heroes of Newerth, a DotA clone with new graphics, some new heroes and a lot of other improvements! (network, social, server, ratings, statistics). In closed beta at the moment, I have some invites if someone wants though smiley

Time for another game now, be back next time with some wallpapers (thats right, more than one!!).
Blog: Another wallpaper
This is crazy, two new wallpapers this close together! And the third Yui Makino wallpaper this year. And I still have a few more drafts I'm working on smiley.

This one was a little more exciting to do than the last one, the image I had to work on then was really tiny, and I couldn't do very much about it. This time I had a bigger image, and a better background on the image as well.

Anyway, enough talk, here's the wallpaper:

My third Yui Makino Wallpaper, wohoo!!

Fun fact, my three wallpapers of Yui Makino are kind of the only ones availible in the world! My previous two currently ranks one and third on a google image search for 'Yui Makino Wallpaper' and I cant spot any other wallpapers around there either.

As for news one the site, nothing much this time, changed the layout on the frontpage to only display six posts at a time. I've started to use more and more pictures when posting, and they eat both loading times and page length. The 'recent posts' box already provided quick links to the first six posts, so I just cut away the extra ones.

One more paragraph before ending it... This weekend I watched my 300th (unique) anime! The honor goes to 'Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind' (link below).
Blog: Welcome, you are visitor 100 000+!
Tags: web, anime, stats
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Actually, just checking in the DB and visitor count (unique) is on '111 830'! Missed the 100000 celebration with ~12000 visits, but no matter! A celebration it is! With lots of exclamation marks! Every sentence! Weeeee!

Total count according to modlogan (log analyzer) is 843518 visitors, but I'm not sure how it handles uniques, and that number includes when my games was most popular, back when they were on subdomains, not on the main site (thus not counted in my own stats). But anyway, that number is closing in on
one million
, maybe next year smiley.

So, new backgrounds! The blue theme now has a nice little row of clouds on the top, and on the yellow one its sunny 8). Also fixed the tags a bit, the cloud is now expanded over the whole page and you can select tags right from it, instead of going via the list on the right. And when browsing a tag, a list on the right will show popular tags, related tags (still in the works), and a link to get back to the cloud, as well as a link for a random tag.

Been home sick last week (swine flu?) but I'm better now smiley. Being home sick equals watching a lot of TV, beware of a big list below...
Blog: Phew, I made it...
Almost missed my monthly post! Last time I missed a month was in may 2007, would have been a shame to loose my streak now. And since the last post was in the beginning of September, there's gonna be a big list of media this time.

Spent a lot of time playing tycoon online. At the moment my company is ranked 126:th, but I'm aiming to get into top 100 before round ends.

Web based games has been on my mind a lot lately. I want to make one myself! smiley And just today I got a nice idea of a round-based (like tycoononline and utopia) game that I think I'm going to try to realize. Already have a name and domain, so halfway done! smiley Stay tune for more details, for now, I'm still brainstorming. The only thing I can give away at the moment is the setting. The game will take place prehistoric time, and each player will manage his/her tribe and make them as successful as possible.

See ya next month.

Oh.... Skellefteå AIK is leading Elitserien!
Blog: The 101
So this one takes me past the 100 mark, yay! Old poll ended, new poll started!

I've stopped playing World of Warcraft for the fourth time this week, and currently I'm gameless o_O. I dont really feel like going back to DotA again so I'll just gonna chill with the gaming for a while. Age of Conan looks a bit interesting but I'm a little negative to the "playable on Xbox as well" concept, the PC controls might suffer from that. Gonna check if they have and free trial week or something, dont wanna pay for a game that's probably just a wow with a prettier dress.

Aria, one of the best animes I've seen, have ended. Boohoo smiley. Great ending though, and there's still a DVD-only episode unreleased.

That will have to do for May, next time its summer (we're not quite there yet up here in luleå) see ya then.
Blog: To much anime...
... so I've got nothing else to report . Been finishing up a few series that I've never managed to end. And also done a few banners for a competition at animesuki, and they can be found over at my my gallery. Not much more at the moment. No flash games in sight this year smiley.