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Blog: Phew, I made it...
Almost missed my monthly post! Last time I missed a month was in may 2007, would have been a shame to loose my streak now. And since the last post was in the beginning of September, there's gonna be a big list of media this time.

Spent a lot of time playing tycoon online. At the moment my company is ranked 126:th, but I'm aiming to get into top 100 before round ends.

Web based games has been on my mind a lot lately. I want to make one myself! smiley And just today I got a nice idea of a round-based (like tycoononline and utopia) game that I think I'm going to try to realize. Already have a name and domain, so halfway done! smiley Stay tune for more details, for now, I'm still brainstorming. The only thing I can give away at the moment is the setting. The game will take place prehistoric time, and each player will manage his/her tribe and make them as successful as possible.

See ya next month.

Oh.... Skellefteå AIK is leading Elitserien!
Blog: Internet Gaming
A friend got me hooked on a new game called knightfight, where you have a character (knight) and level it and attack others, buy gear and stuff like that. It's like that Utopia game, where you play in the web-browser, but unlike that game, this is just one character you have.

Its really fun, do check it out (Knightfight) and it would be really nice if you name me when you sign up (which nets me some extra cash), and then make sure all your friends sign up to get some more money ;) (pyramid games for the win!). The game is available in lots of languages, but I'll probably not get any extra Gold unless you signup on the swedish game smiley