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Blog: Diablo walks the earth
Tags: books, gaming
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My level 30 wizardDiablo is back. Haven't finished the game yet (on normal), but my highest character is level 30 (wizard) and has just entered Act IV (last one). Still playing a lot of world of tanks though, so playtime is limited.

Also started to re-read the "Deverry Cycle" by Katherine Kerr. I've never finished it before, I was following it in swedish, but the publisher stopped after book 12, so it will be interesting to finally see how it ended.

Oh, and summer is kind of coming back, so I'm starting to dust off the golf clubs. Our local course hasn't opened yet though. I hope this will be a good golf year, would really like to lower my HCP a bit smiley
Blog: Cheating
I doubt anyone will call me out on it, but I'm going to cheat a little. I forgot to post something this month, this post is actually written in october and I ninjaedited the date ;).

Finally finished Code Geass second season. Left it in episode 17 two years ago. I liked it, good ending etc, but the part with the emperor and his machine and killing gods and all was a bit stupid/irrelevant or whatever, just felt misplaced.

Also been reading some new and old books. New books being the 5 parts of Elizabeth Moon's "Vatta's War", and old being Paksenarrion by the same author. Good stuff. Read more about it in opinions!

Also been playing way to much World of Tanks... The main reason I forgot to post this smiley

For next month (this one!) I hope I have a new wallpaper ready... really!
Blog: Was intended to be a pun
Had lots of good titles but couldn't settle on one so I picked an even worse. Been almost two months since last time! I've finished Dragon Age 2 and started playing Mass Effect 2 (free with DA2 purchase!), but I just had to get Mass Effect original because there were just too many references to game one for me to continue to play the sequel. Almost finished the first one now, here's a picture from the game:

Blog Image

Thats about it for gaming, also been reading tons of books, finished three trilogies! See 'books read' section below for more info. I think my personal favorite was the "Tamir Triad" (The Bone Doll's Twin, Hidden Warrior, The Oracle's Queen).

Aslo during my book craze I've been looking for a place similar to anidb but for books, so far im trying goodreads and librarything, both have their ups and downs, I would probably prefer librarything, but it cost money if you want to add more than 200 books :/.

Okay, I guess I dragged it out long enough now... Time for the main event!

Tadaa, new wallpaper:

Kind of retro starburst in the background?

Surprise, it's Yui Makino smiley. Also available in 1080p in the gallery.

That's it for now, cya.
Blog: Welcome to kirkwall
It's finally here!!

Attempting to gain entrance of Kirkwall

Been waiting for dragon age since new year, and now it's here eating up all my free time. smiley

Also been reading a lot of books lately, 'The Deed of Paksenarrion' was really good, 'The Black Magician' trilogy was okay and 'The Steel Remains' by Richard Morgan (previously known by me from his Science Fiction books). I must say I was expecting more from 'the steel', it had kind of a long introduction, and then a quick end battle and that was it. But the world seems really well fleshed out so hopefully he will return for more epicness later smiley.

Well that will do for now, gotta get back to Dragon Age again!
Blog: Back on track
Been a while since last time, ~tadaa~ :

A colorful Yui Makino wallpaper

The font I used this time was Star Avenue, and the image itself is from the マキノユイ。 album booklet.

Other departments at skull-HQ has been busy working on Minecrafting a castle, and also wrapping up the story of the six duchies. For the unintiated, that means more Robin Hobb books smiley. I've finished the Liveship Traders arc as well as the Tawny Man arc. Great books, great story, great ending! There's still some books left for me to read in the "Realm of the Elderlings", namely the "Rain Wild Chronicles", but that one is still missing a book so I'll wait for the last one to come out before I read it.

My new minecraft addiction has so far resulted in lots of missing hours, as well as a new minecraft gallery. I will soon add some more images there, stay tuned.

Cya next time, and play the games smiley There's space in the highscore lists...
Blog: Pirate Fantasy
I'm currently reading 'the Liveship Traders'-trilogy, by Robin Hobb. As I mentioned in a previous post, I had to buy all the other books Hobb had written. And now I have smiley. After careful consideration I decided to read them in chronological order (Farseer, Liveship Traders, Tawny Man), even tough Liveship Traders is kind of a side story and Tawny Man is a continuation from the Farseer trilogy.

Anyway, I'm about halfway through the last book now, and along with lots of HoN/Starcraft/FFXIII, not much time have been spent on my site smiley

Next time I will update the gallery with a bunch of photos!

Cya then...

Well, about the topic, forgot to mention it, but there's lots of pirates in the Liveship Traders smiley
Blog: 5 Years!
Yes, exactly 5 years since the first post on the "new" skallen.net (v2.0). Still cruising around on 800 000+ Visitors, not quite a million yet. I hope I'll reach 1 million for the 10 year anniversary smiley

As a celebration of the five year mark I've added two more themes, 'Grey Garden' and 'Purple Galaxy', as well as 5 new headline quotes (a second plato quote!). Also, new poll, frackin' vote plx.

I was delaying this post quite a bit just to get exactly 5 years, so a lot of stuff has piled up, mostly books. I've recently bought "The Farseer Trilogy" by Robin Hobb. I acctually had my eyes on it for a long time (who can resist titles like "Assassin's Apprentice"?), and finally got around to buying them. Was kinda put off in the beginning, mostly because it was a first-person narrative book, not a type I'm used to in fantasy. But it was kind of interesting to see the story from only one persons prespective (though the books cheat a little, the protagonist "dreamwalks" in his sleep and sees various events happen around the world that he would normally be unaware of).

Anyway, good books, gonna have to buy the rest of Hobb's books now! smiley

Soon vacation time, golfing is going crap at the moment, but hopefully it will change!

'Till next time....
Blog: Endgame: 2009
Sound like a great movie, doesn't it? smiley

Anyway, started reading the 'Sword of truth' again, was some time ago I read it, and since then the series have been completed, just bought all the missing books and started going through them all again. At book four now (temple of the winds) and unfortunately thats one of the slower once, I'm kinda stuck in it right now. Still looking forward to nr. 6 though, that one was good, and of course the new once I haven't read yet.

Mostly posting this time to add up some books/anime/movies for the 2009 summary post (like the one i did last year). That post will be in january.

Also working on a remake on the 'chairs' wallpaper for 1680x1050 resolution. It's kinda frustrating though, the last one was so good, this one wont match it :/, wonder if I will ever make one that will smiley

Merry X-mas and a Happy New Year smiley
Blog: The last painful day
Oh noes, is the last day of my vacation, and most of it was rainy smiley.

Rainy days -> Stay Inside -> Play games... smiley

I started replaying Baldur's Gate 2 a bit, but only got to act III, then I got into too many sidequests and didnt finish the game. And when we finally got the network running in our summerhouse I played some Age of Mythology vs. my brother (and won every time smiley).

Also read some books, the Cyberiad by Stanislaw Lem and Permutation City by Greg Egan. The first one was very interesting, definitely need to get more books by Lem. The second one (Egan) was a bit to complicated for me, I cant say I totally understood it, and there were some weird subplots that I think really didn't fit in there. But I'll give him another chance. I'm currently reading another one by him, Incandesence, and I must say, so far (4 chapters in) it feels a lot more appealing than Permutation City.

Phew, just barely made it for this month, cya next time.

PS. Lots of golf on sunny days ;)
Blog: Throm-Ka
My orc hunter is now 70 and almost fully epicified. Been playing waaaay to much lately. Because of this, nothing new on the site (or my secret project smiley), but that's gonna change soon! I think my new project has a great potential, if I just can get it started.

Vacation is over by the way, and except for some rainy days it was great, at the end we had some really warm days.

Rainy days also have their uses, I've managed to read some books that's been on my shelf untouched for too long. The most fascinating one was probably Shanataram, I've never read anything like it and most probably wont find a book like it in a long time. Even though it's "out of my genres" (sf and fantasy) it was surprisingly good!

Future plans for this site: rework the 'info' tab.
Blog: Vacation Over
Yup, 4 weeks goes by so fast, my summer vacation is already over. Okay, lets see... The first thing i notice: over 50 000 unique visitors, and over 100 000 in total, amazing!

I've read Alastair Reynolds new book, The Prefect, during the summer, and as usual Reynolds deliver an exciting story which starts out in small scale and ends up involving millions of people. Good stuff!

And as usual, have plans for the site, but no ETA. Enjoy the wait smiley
Blog: Being number one!
Woohoo, just tried searching for 'skallen' at google and guess what came out as search result number one? It's my site? Niiiiice! Actually, I just discovered that it seems like it's only on the english google (google.com) that I'm listed first. On swedish google I dont even appear on the first ten pages, on google japan im placed fifth. Well, still, nr.1 on google.com still isnt that bad smiley.

In other news, I finished the first book in the "kovacs" series (see earlier post), and even tough it was good, I have to say that Woken Furies was a little better.

Nope, still nothing new for teh site, at least not uploaded. Well, some new pictures in the images section, among other things a ping-pong-cat gif smiley
Blog: No internet.. what to do?
Lost my internet for a few days, so I needed something to do, so I went to the local bookstore and searched for something readable. Most of the stuff they had in the fantasy/SciFi-shelf that was in english was books in the middle of different series, among other stuff book two and three from the Otherland series. But its boring to start in the middle of a story, isn't it? Anyways, after some browsing I found a book that seemed okay, shiny surface and japanese names, that just can't be bad!

And it couldn't. What a great book, got me totally hooked. Woken Furies by Richard Morgan. After some post-reading research it turned out to be book three in a loose-connected series about Takeshi Kovacs, and also Morgan's fourth published novel. Since it was so good I've now ordered all his other books, hopefully they will be as great as this one.
Blog: ECHO Echo echo...
Tags: books, work
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ITS Its its EMPTY Empty empty HERE Here here. Just hear the echoing truth (a magic pun intended)! I really dont have time to do anything since I dont have access to computer/internet during the evenings and 'work work' (warcraft 3) all day.
I've gotten back to reading the Sword of Truth series again, after taking a break between book four and five, and im now halfway through book six. ;)
Blog: Distracted
Tags: books, fantasy
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I started reading a book two days ago, and now I cant stop thinking about it and reading more from the series. So what this means is that I prolly wont do anything on the site, do any gaming (though it seems i might be wowwing tonight, but i will be afk reading alot smiley ). What book? No, ain't tellin' ya'! Just kidding, I finished the first book, "Wizard's First Rule" yesterday and are currently reading "Stone of Tears" both in The Sword of Truth series, by Terry Goodkind. It rocks, very recommended!