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Blog: Being number one!
Woohoo, just tried searching for 'skallen' at google and guess what came out as search result number one? It's my site? Niiiiice! Actually, I just discovered that it seems like it's only on the english google (google.com) that I'm listed first. On swedish google I dont even appear on the first ten pages, on google japan im placed fifth. Well, still, nr.1 on google.com still isnt that bad smiley.

In other news, I finished the first book in the "kovacs" series (see earlier post), and even tough it was good, I have to say that Woken Furies was a little better.

Nope, still nothing new for teh site, at least not uploaded. Well, some new pictures in the images section, among other things a ping-pong-cat gif smiley