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Blog: New frontpage!
Wow, this is close, my clock is now 23:45 on the last november day, just in time for this months post. Didn't have to cheat this time!

So, big change on the frontpage. Now each blog post is in its own frame which makes it much easier to see where one post ends and another begins. Also added support for posting opinions to the front page. Not all opinions will be on the frontpage, only the ones that has a bit of writing in them will be published, to show them off a bit more.

I'm not used to writing reviews yet, last time I did something like that was back in college, so bear with me if they suck in the beginning. Hopefully it will get better!

Okay, time up, clock is now 23:57, better post it.
Blog: Skallen.net Version 3!

A new look! W00t! Been talking about it for like forever, who would have thought it was true? Tried to make it a bit "2.0-ish" and not as tight and crowded as my last design.

Here's a small changelog:

» New Design
Duh, kinda obvious right?

» New themes
Yes, the new design comes with three themes right from the start, and maybe even more later. The themes can be selected from the small colored boxes in the top right.

» Updated info
Some info updated about me and about the site.

» Games on the site
Yes, the games are finally integrated into the site, and with working highscores! Also the old game links redirects here.

» My music
A new sidebar on the blog page, where some of the music I listen to shows up.

Some more stuff to probably, but that is the major parts I think. Enjoy!

The RSS-feed is dead at the moment, will fix it soon.
Blog: Being number one!
Woohoo, just tried searching for 'skallen' at google and guess what came out as search result number one? It's my site? Niiiiice! Actually, I just discovered that it seems like it's only on the english google (google.com) that I'm listed first. On swedish google I dont even appear on the first ten pages, on google japan im placed fifth. Well, still, nr.1 on google.com still isnt that bad smiley.

In other news, I finished the first book in the "kovacs" series (see earlier post), and even tough it was good, I have to say that Woken Furies was a little better.

Nope, still nothing new for teh site, at least not uploaded. Well, some new pictures in the images section, among other things a ping-pong-cat gif smiley