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Blog: Gallery Updates
Yes, the long overdue updates to the gallery has finally been initiated. I've been unhappy with the "open a new page for each image" style of the gallery, and was looking for a way to add a next/previous interface to it. I've previously had been working with Lightbox JS in a theme for phpBB (at my old wow guild homepage), and it fits my needs perfectly. But its a bit to heavy for my taste, so I've been experimenting with different lightweight variants, currently using litebox.

In addition to the "show" aspect, I've also implemented an auto-thumbnail generation in php. If it finds an image that doesn't have a thumbnail generated, they will be created on the fly by the script and saved on the server for the future. This will hopefully mean that the gallery pages will load faster (earlier I had the complete image as thumbnail, just scaled down in html), look smoother (resampling instead of html scale) and save me some bandwidth.

Next up on my update list is the blog frontpage! I'm also experimenting with flex and flash programs without using the Flash CS3 IDE, just text editor and command line compiler. So maybe a new game.... but don't expect it anytime soon smiley

Also just noticed, this is my 100th post at the new skallen.net, woohoo, grats me!
Blog: Go Go Gaming
I really like how the new highscore system turned out, and so far each month is getting enough plays to keep it interesting smiley. In another month or two I will wipe the scores from before November 2007 (the scores without date), so from then on it will be easier to get into the top 100. At least for a few months...

With this system in place, I really feel like I should make another game, its a bit wasted with only two games. The problem at the moment is... flash. Can hardly remember how to do anything, and when I tried with the new 3.0(?) actionscript I couldnt get anything to work, and gave up to early. Also the game idea was a bit complicated. I think this time I'll start simple and just let evolve along the way (kinda like how I did combo).

Also been doing a little css-ing on the side for my friend Anton over at GameSiteTemplates.com. Some of that work inspired me to redesign this page smiley. Though sometimes it just drives me nuts trying to make it work in both Internet Explorer and Firefox. Good thing I restarted playing wow recently, I can always log in and take out my frustration on some lowbies smiley.

My draenei mage is now level 50 and are just about to venture into the sunken temple!

I'll try to think a little on the gaming for next time and probably post some ideas I have. No guarantees though.
Blog: News and updates!
Yes, it's true, I'm working on a new game which I think will be really great. I did some searching for a similar game but have yet to find any, so hopefully its an original idea (or at least somewhat original). And as usual, some special twists for that extra enjoyment.

I've also worked a bit on the administration interface for this, site, to make it a bit more easier to submit new posts. All the "watched/played/read"-sections after each post was previously manually written, formatted and linked, but now its automagic!

Unfortunately that means that some weird linkage will occur. Since I link everything to wikipedia, sometimes the names aren't unique, it will either be misslinked or linked to a page with multiple topics. But everything cant be perfect.... o_O.

Database-wise all those are now stored in separate fields in the database, which means I can do some fun stuff listing books/animes/movies and such, and since I rewatch stuff a lot I can also do some simple counting on how much I've seen (which I don't keep track on at my anidb page)

Another thing, about the games... When I complete my new game and highscore to it, I will probably add a searchable highscore list for all the games as well.
Blog: Cheating
Well someone cheated on my game, combo. Pretty lame if you ask me. I know the highscore system isn't bulletproofed, but then again, didnt expect to have 100 000+ players either. So a little cheating doesnt bother me that much, I will take it as a compliment... "Your game is so great that I'll check if I can cheat on it" smiley

Tough... Cheating is wrong! In honor of the cheater, the highscores are here by reset! I've been thinking about resetting them to get some more action, and now its done! Start getting your new highscores now!
Blog: Helljump?!
Yes, helljump! It's the current working title of my next game which is a bouncy action game. Not releasing anything more than the name, my plan is to finish it sometime during this weekend. Hope you all enjoy it!
Blog: New projects
Two new projects on the project page, one is another flash game (done a month ago, but better late then never! smiley), the other one is a litte more info on what I've been working on the last month. Is it just me or are my news posts getting shorter?
Blog: Beware of the blocks
Tags: blockdown, flash, game
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Blocks, tiles, rectangles, they are all present in my new game "Blockdown", now playable (and almost complete, only missing some graphics and an update on the instructions). I hope you'll enjoy it as much as I do smiley

Play Here!
Blog: Another day, another game
Yes, I'm working on a new game, and the old one got scrapped ^^ (the battlefury spaceship game). I might get back on that one later, but for now im working on 'blockdown', and the title is all I'm going to spoil now. It's more of a puzzle game, one of those where stuff falls down on a line. Hmm, I feel nice today, I'm gonna give ya'll an image preview as well, check it here!
Blog: A new game! Zomg
Im working on a new game, just put it up under project. I hope I can finish this sometime this month, so stay tuned! A few screens and a playable demo availible here!
Blog: Flash logo
Tags: flash, projects
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Check out the new flash logo, it has a nice highlight thingy rolling over it every now and then. If flash is blocked the regular logo is show instead, neat! Also a new project added.
Blog: Updated Game
Okay, the game mentioned yesterday is kinda updated and remade smiley. New concept, rules and a new highscore system (with me on top at the moment 8)). The rules: Avoid the black ones, capture colored ones, and if you make the combo, you get a multiplier bonus. For each time you make the combo without touching the wrong kind of color, the multiplier (and score) increases... Get to it, beat my score! Play here!
Blog: Flash game
I've been doing some stuff in flash lately, so in order to just test what I could do I did a simple clone of the game "squares 2". Its still in development (1½ hours so far) and missing some stuff, but has the key elements, such as squares and points and game over. Its missing a restart button, powerups, highscore and maybe something else... Still playable though, over here.