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Blog: Ulduar, or how time disappears
New expansion of World of Warcraft this month, and I've spent the last 5 days in a row raiding. That leaves little time for anything else. Before it launched, I did have some time to work on the tag system I mentioned in a post a while back. Now I have tags for music, wiki, links and images, so I can post more fun stuff a little bit easier.

Anyway, its springtime again, and I've taken out my bicycle! But its thought cycling to work after a winter of riding the bus smiley.

Thats all for now, next time I'm gonna post some Tilt-shifted images smiley
Blog: Lost a month, got a new year
Yup, forgot to post something in december. Before that I the last time I missed a post was in May 2007. Ah well. Now its a new year, this time I'll try even harder.

Been playing waaaay too much WoW lately, but our new guild is doing great. Just the other day we killed Malygos 25-man. Only two things remains for us in WotLK now, Sartharion with 2 and 3 dragons up.

Now, next part is something I planned to do last year but never got around to...

A quick recap of my 'media' year 2008:

The Path of Daggers
Black Man
House of Suns
Winter's Heart
Crossroads of Twilight
Knife of Dreams
Starship Troopers
The Illearth War
The Power that Preserves
Stranger in a Strange Land
Kafka on the shore

ef - a tale of memories
Initial D
Hidamari Sketch
Code Geass Hangyaku no Lelouch
Yomigaeru Sora -Rescue Wings-
Sketchbook: full color`s
Dennou Coil
Tsubasa Tokyo Revelations
Bamboo Blade
Gin`iro no Kami no Agito
Gekijouban xxxHOLiC - Manatsu no Yo no Yume
Spice and Wolf
Toki wo Kakeru Shoujo
Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei
Aria the Origination
True Tears
KimiKiss Pure Rouge
Shakugan no Shana II
Kin`iro no Chord: Primo Passo
Appleseed Saga Ex Machina
Romeo x Juliet
El Cazador de la Bruja
Mahou Tsukai ni Taisetsu na Koto: Natsu no Sora
Nogizaka Haruka no Himitsu
Angel Heart
Myself; Yourself
Stranger -Mukou Hadan-
Vandread: Second Stage
Hungry Heart - Wild Striker
Hunter x Hunter
Hikaru No Go
I``s Pure

TV Series:
Babylon 5
House MD
Star Trek TNG

Batman Begins
The Prestige
I Am Legend
The King of Kong
No Country for Old Men
3.10 to Yuma
American Gangster
Big Buck Bunny
Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull
You Don't Mess with the Zohan

Team Fortress 2
Half-Life 2
World of Warcraft
Spin the black circle
Tycoon Online
Wrath of the Lich King

Phew... Quite a list, don't you think?

Still working on a new gallery, have lots of photos to upload, but I really need the new version of the gallery working before I upload, stay tuned.
Blog: Out and about
Hello there! New "first" in the blog again! This time the first post not from sweden. I'm posting this from germany, guten tag smiley. This month also celebrates a year with the new highscore system, with montly scores for each game. I think the system has worked out great, there's always something going on in the charts (though some people have a few more highscores than others...).

This month also sees the release of the new World of Warcraft expansion, so naturally I've played quite alot of WoW, though maybe not as much as I would have liked. I'm only level 74, leveling my hunter first of all. Northrend is a great looking expansion though, and I'm planning to take my time leveling and just follow the questlines in each area. With the new achievement system there's a nice "Loremaster" title to be gained from doing most of the quests in each zone.

Speaking of WoW, when I leveled up my priest (almost two years ago) I constantly took screenshots of the areas I was in and published them on my site. I'm gonna do it this time around as well! No screens on this computer though, so it will come in a later post.

Speaking of images... I've also purchased a SLR camera and gonna put up some images from that as well. This leads to the next probable upgrade for skallen.net, a rework of the gallery that allows subgalleries.

Speaking of speaking of.... whatever, this is it for now.
Blog: Throm-Ka
My orc hunter is now 70 and almost fully epicified. Been playing waaaay to much lately. Because of this, nothing new on the site (or my secret project smiley), but that's gonna change soon! I think my new project has a great potential, if I just can get it started.

Vacation is over by the way, and except for some rainy days it was great, at the end we had some really warm days.

Rainy days also have their uses, I've managed to read some books that's been on my shelf untouched for too long. The most fascinating one was probably Shanataram, I've never read anything like it and most probably wont find a book like it in a long time. Even though it's "out of my genres" (sf and fantasy) it was surprisingly good!

Future plans for this site: rework the 'info' tab.
Blog: Vacation time
Weee, vacation!

Been playing lots of WoW lately, currently leveling an Orc Hunter named Rogrog. That means I haven't done much else.

Though I've finally manage to finish all the Wheel of Time books (availible now). Took me almost a year, sometimes they were really slow, but the last book was great, now I just have to wait for the conclusion (last book expected sometime in 2009, written by Brandon Sanderson). Looking forward to see how things end.

Not much else, be back after my vacation smiley

(the image is drawn by Rickard)
Blog: The 101
So this one takes me past the 100 mark, yay! Old poll ended, new poll started!

I've stopped playing World of Warcraft for the fourth time this week, and currently I'm gameless o_O. I dont really feel like going back to DotA again so I'll just gonna chill with the gaming for a while. Age of Conan looks a bit interesting but I'm a little negative to the "playable on Xbox as well" concept, the PC controls might suffer from that. Gonna check if they have and free trial week or something, dont wanna pay for a game that's probably just a wow with a prettier dress.

Aria, one of the best animes I've seen, have ended. Boohoo smiley. Great ending though, and there's still a DVD-only episode unreleased.

That will have to do for May, next time its summer (we're not quite there yet up here in luleå) see ya then.
Blog: Go Go Gaming
I really like how the new highscore system turned out, and so far each month is getting enough plays to keep it interesting smiley. In another month or two I will wipe the scores from before November 2007 (the scores without date), so from then on it will be easier to get into the top 100. At least for a few months...

With this system in place, I really feel like I should make another game, its a bit wasted with only two games. The problem at the moment is... flash. Can hardly remember how to do anything, and when I tried with the new 3.0(?) actionscript I couldnt get anything to work, and gave up to early. Also the game idea was a bit complicated. I think this time I'll start simple and just let evolve along the way (kinda like how I did combo).

Also been doing a little css-ing on the side for my friend Anton over at GameSiteTemplates.com. Some of that work inspired me to redesign this page smiley. Though sometimes it just drives me nuts trying to make it work in both Internet Explorer and Firefox. Good thing I restarted playing wow recently, I can always log in and take out my frustration on some lowbies smiley.

My draenei mage is now level 50 and are just about to venture into the sunken temple!

I'll try to think a little on the gaming for next time and probably post some ideas I have. No guarantees though.
Blog: 20 000 Visitors
Thats right, yesterday unique visitor nr 20000 stumbled into the site! Amazing! Though this is only for my page "skallen.net", not the games or my other sites. When I checked total visitor count (not counting re-visits), it shows 494884 visits since january 2003, almost half a million people! smiley Some more stats: 7.8 million files downloaded (5500/day), 1.77 million page views (1200/day) and around 105 GB traffic. Cool!

Though the upswing during the "game craze" during june-july, and more recently, the WoW-forum I've been hosting stands for most of this traffic. Still 20 000 people made it here ;)

For this special occasion I made a new splash screen (here, if you missed it) smiley As a small competition, what anime is that from? Post your guess as a comment. No prices, just honor!
Blog: Sorry
Okay, sorry, I guess I was too excited when I posted the last post, no new game yet. To much damn WoW! Though I'm pretty happy with our progress, MC cleared in just a month! With my last guild we we're in mc for like 5 months smiley. Read all about it over att our guild website. Starting work today, so I dont know when that game is gonna be finished, though I have the basics mostly done, just some graphics missing. I can't draw >_<. I made a small beta for a few friends to test and they seemed to like it, even though there's still a lot of things missing.
Blog: Wut? Already?
Damn, the weeks go by fast, it's already friday, and I can go home and play WoW! I promise, those screens will be up tonight, and tonight will also be a long nigth so I prolly need some coke (the drink) since I'm planning to play until I get to 60. But with my rested bonus I think it will go pretty fast. I might even have time for some instances!

In other news: It seem my WoW-addiction is back with a vengence smiley, wow, totally didn't see that one comming. But I think not playing other than on the weekends just made it worse :/.

I'm also looking at computers at the moment, my current one isn't exactly state of the art. Not sure if it will be a complete 'package' or if I will put it together myself. smiley
Blog: Phew, it's over!
Damn, the weekends are tough when you desperatly need to level in WoW! Well, I didn't reach my goal of being 60, but im 59 with about 3/4 of the level left, so should be no problems for next weekend, if I just stay out of those tempting places with blue loot smiley. Though a week of rested will net me about 60-70k bonus experience, and since I need 150k to 60, I think I can pretty much promise I will make it! Maybe after that I can do something new here again! (I have some stuff planned).

And for all of you (lol, no-one reads this) that's been waiting for the new screens: "DOH!" forgot it.... smiley. I'll have to try next weekend again.

Btw, looks like my usual update days is monday and friday, so be sure to check the site then! smiley
Blog: Friday at last
Yay, today I can go home and play WoW! Addicted? No way.... Only one post in April, that's kinda sad, I'll try to do better this month. Even if its just worthless stuff like the thing I write now. Better than nothing I guess, at least it makes the site look more alive. By the way, tonight I will upload a bunch of new screens, from far away places like Feralas, Tanaris, Hinterlands and more, stay tuned! smiley
Blog: Slowing down
Long time no see! I've been sick a week, then been playing WoW non-stop for a week, so havent had much time doing anything on the site, only uploaded a couple of new screens from World of Warcraft, and that's pretty much it. Well, I got a forum for our guild hosted on my site as well, it can be found at fatal.skallen.net. As of now I'm back working in Luleå so my WoW addiction will be somewhat cured during the week.
Blog: The WoW curse
Well, my friends abandoned DotA and all other game and started playing wow again, and they dragged me down with them smiley. So now I'm back playing wow again, with a new account and character. So far I'm level 29, so it's not like I'm participating in five-hour-raids every night.
Blog: New poll!
This is the poll that might end all polls. Naa, even if everyone hate it I'll still keep it, bwahahaha. This feels a bit like a forces update, to keep my one update/week goal smiley. Bla bla bla. Some of my friends are starting to play World of Warcraft again, what a bunch of idiots, walking into that trap againsmiley. Good thing I got rid of my account, so I couldn't play even if I wanted.