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Blog: Update on Friday!
Yes, its true, finally some new wow screens! Since its a holiday today and I'm home early I had some time over to upload the screen, and my favorite one is the one from feralas, it looks pretty nice imo.
Blog: Wut? Already?
Damn, the weeks go by fast, it's already friday, and I can go home and play WoW! I promise, those screens will be up tonight, and tonight will also be a long nigth so I prolly need some coke (the drink) since I'm planning to play until I get to 60. But with my rested bonus I think it will go pretty fast. I might even have time for some instances!

In other news: It seem my WoW-addiction is back with a vengence smiley, wow, totally didn't see that one comming. But I think not playing other than on the weekends just made it worse :/.

I'm also looking at computers at the moment, my current one isn't exactly state of the art. Not sure if it will be a complete 'package' or if I will put it together myself. smiley
Blog: Friday at last
Yay, today I can go home and play WoW! Addicted? No way.... Only one post in April, that's kinda sad, I'll try to do better this month. Even if its just worthless stuff like the thing I write now. Better than nothing I guess, at least it makes the site look more alive. By the way, tonight I will upload a bunch of new screens, from far away places like Feralas, Tanaris, Hinterlands and more, stay tuned! smiley