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Welcome to skallen.net!
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Anders Pousette

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Software Developement

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2003 (Wayback-machine)
About skallen.net

Hello and welcome to skallen.net.
This site is mostly for my own benefit, but there's a few fun things around as well. What's interesting for visitors includes:
  • Front page:
    updates about new stuff
  • Games:
    a few flash games
  • Opinion:
    A collection of media I've consumed, with short notes and ratings.
  • Wallpapapers:
    A few wallpapers in the gallery, I add one or two each year
Not very much, but its something. But as I mentioned, the site is mostly for my own benefit. I use the opinion pages to keep track of what media I've consumed and what I thought, and since I'm a heavy rewatch/rereader, it's a good resource for me as well. I also use the gallery to upload and share images with other people. But mostly I use the site to try out web stuff and play around with website design. This as been great for me, as I've been able to use the skills I aquired from this many times at work.

The site itself is built on php/MySQL and regular html/css. Also been experimenting with javascript and some AJAX. Been using my own "framework" and almost everything is coded by me. I do use some external libraries:
  • Lightbox, for nice looking image popups.
  • Bluff, for the graphs on the opinion pages.

The drawing to the left was made by Rickard Widmark.
The skallen.net evolution

skallen.net version 1
Date of release:
The first real version skallen.net, but barely. Had virtually no content except a few posts and images. Before this one I only had a logo and a shoutbox.
New Features:
Blog posts (called "news", didn't know about blogs back then). Shoutbox. Polling. HTML image gallery. Link submit/vote system where users could submit and vote on different links, but never got it to work properly.
skallen.net version 2
Date of release:
A much better attempt than version 1. A completely new content system that still being used now, with some modifications. Seeing it now, it's a very narrow page, but resolution on the screen wasn't as wide as it is now. Flash animated logo (>_<). Name comes from web 2.0 which was very hot at the time.
New Features:
Autogenerated gallery. Comments. Two flash games. Simple layout system. Web administration. RSS.
skallen.net version 3
Date of release:
A wider site, heavily inspired by last.fm's look at the time. The design lasted a long time, but many features were built after release. Started with three different themes the user can switch between, now up to eight themes.
New Features:
Gallery with auto-generated thumbnails and lightbox viewer. Opinion system for rating media. Highscore for the games. AJAX on various functions. Rotating text banners.
skallen.net version 4
Date of release:
Again a wider site, following the increased resolution now available. This time inspired somewhat by windows 8, with a more flat look. More lean, with removal of a lot of unused stuff. Not much new features yet.
New Features:
Opinions added on the frontpage. Fixed menu when scrolling. This timeline! :)