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Blog: Music charts and stats
Tags: statistics, music
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Today marks my third month using last.fm for music aggregation. And today I've also scrobbled my 10000th song! That is equivalent to around 110 songs per day. Not so surprising since I listen a lot both at work and home.

My top artists for these last three months:

1Makino Yui655
2Yuki Kajiura465
3the brilliant green381
4 Tommy february6 351
5 Demons & Wizards 333
6 Tommy heavenly6 293
7 Dido 271
8 In Flames 227
9 Nightwish 216
10 Iced Earth 210

Summary: Although Yui Makino (i guess this is the correct way to write it) is dominating in the top, the brilliant green, Tommy Heavenly6 and Tommy February6 all features Tomoko Kawase, so she is at 1025 plays if they would be added together smiley.

Mostly J-Pop and Metal, with some regular pop (dido) in between. But this top ten is just ~30% of my total plays check my last.fm page for more details.

Was thinking of throwing in a picture in a post (would be the first!) but it stills seems like a big step... A table is fine too, haven't used one of those either, so something new at least!

November is comming to an end, and that means this months highscore lists will soon be finalized and forever remembered! Hurry up and get a fat score and get your name on the list!

Working on an xmas design but right now it looks more like USA propaganda, blue, white, red and some stars...
Blog: 20 000 Visitors
Thats right, yesterday unique visitor nr 20000 stumbled into the site! Amazing! Though this is only for my page "skallen.net", not the games or my other sites. When I checked total visitor count (not counting re-visits), it shows 494884 visits since january 2003, almost half a million people! smiley Some more stats: 7.8 million files downloaded (5500/day), 1.77 million page views (1200/day) and around 105 GB traffic. Cool!

Though the upswing during the "game craze" during june-july, and more recently, the WoW-forum I've been hosting stands for most of this traffic. Still 20 000 people made it here ;)

For this special occasion I made a new splash screen (here, if you missed it) smiley As a small competition, what anime is that from? Post your guess as a comment. No prices, just honor!