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Blog: To hell with all the jumping
Kinda got stuck making my new game. I've tried several times to draw the graphics I need, but it's no good (in fact it looks like crap). I have to think of something less graphical demanding. The idea is still there so I'm gonna put it up as a project on the project page, and I'll even throw in a screenie ;). Look forward to it!
Blog: Sorry
Okay, sorry, I guess I was too excited when I posted the last post, no new game yet. To much damn WoW! Though I'm pretty happy with our progress, MC cleared in just a month! With my last guild we we're in mc for like 5 months smiley. Read all about it over att our guild website. Starting work today, so I dont know when that game is gonna be finished, though I have the basics mostly done, just some graphics missing. I can't draw >_<. I made a small beta for a few friends to test and they seemed to like it, even though there's still a lot of things missing.
Blog: Helljump?!
Yes, helljump! It's the current working title of my next game which is a bouncy action game. Not releasing anything more than the name, my plan is to finish it sometime during this weekend. Hope you all enjoy it!