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Blog: More functions returning
My admin interface is back, so I'll have an easier time posting new stuff. Also fixed the banner rotation with all the quotes from v.3, and now the real quote with attribution is shown in the footer. I also added some random stats in the footer, like number of opinions and tags and such, with links to the relevant page.

As noted in the last post edit, the tags and tag cloud are back up as well.

Still left to do now: Blog Archive by date, comments and a boatload of opinions.

Here's a short sneak peak opinion for now: Just read the new Robin Hobb book, Fool's Assassin and it's awesome! Unfortunately it ends in a big cliffhanger (first book in a new trilogy).
Blog: Skallen.net v4.0!
Tags: web, upgrade
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Yay, the new look is here! Only took about a year from start to finish. The tag system, archive and comment functionality is not online yet tough.

I also have a huge backlog in opinions... It's going to take a while to get back in sync.

Tags fixed!
Blog: Still here...
Tags: web, upgrade
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Yeah, still here, just slacking with updates. The opinion backlog is getting really long.

I'm currently working on a redesign of skallen.net. A little wider and cleaner, more suited for todays high-res screens smiley. Will be ready for next month.
Blog: Skallen.net Version 3!

A new look! W00t! Been talking about it for like forever, who would have thought it was true? Tried to make it a bit "2.0-ish" and not as tight and crowded as my last design.

Here's a small changelog:

» New Design
Duh, kinda obvious right?

» New themes
Yes, the new design comes with three themes right from the start, and maybe even more later. The themes can be selected from the small colored boxes in the top right.

» Updated info
Some info updated about me and about the site.

» Games on the site
Yes, the games are finally integrated into the site, and with working highscores! Also the old game links redirects here.

» My music
A new sidebar on the blog page, where some of the music I listen to shows up.

Some more stuff to probably, but that is the major parts I think. Enjoy!

The RSS-feed is dead at the moment, will fix it soon.