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Blog: More functions returning
My admin interface is back, so I'll have an easier time posting new stuff. Also fixed the banner rotation with all the quotes from v.3, and now the real quote with attribution is shown in the footer. I also added some random stats in the footer, like number of opinions and tags and such, with links to the relevant page.

As noted in the last post edit, the tags and tag cloud are back up as well.

Still left to do now: Blog Archive by date, comments and a boatload of opinions.

Here's a short sneak peak opinion for now: Just read the new Robin Hobb book, Fool's Assassin and it's awesome! Unfortunately it ends in a big cliffhanger (first book in a new trilogy).
Blog: Back on track
Been a while since last time, ~tadaa~ :

A colorful Yui Makino wallpaper

The font I used this time was Star Avenue, and the image itself is from the マキノユイ。 album booklet.

Other departments at skull-HQ has been busy working on Minecrafting a castle, and also wrapping up the story of the six duchies. For the unintiated, that means more Robin Hobb books smiley. I've finished the Liveship Traders arc as well as the Tawny Man arc. Great books, great story, great ending! There's still some books left for me to read in the "Realm of the Elderlings", namely the "Rain Wild Chronicles", but that one is still missing a book so I'll wait for the last one to come out before I read it.

My new minecraft addiction has so far resulted in lots of missing hours, as well as a new minecraft gallery. I will soon add some more images there, stay tuned.

Cya next time, and play the games smiley There's space in the highscore lists...
Blog: Pirate Fantasy
I'm currently reading 'the Liveship Traders'-trilogy, by Robin Hobb. As I mentioned in a previous post, I had to buy all the other books Hobb had written. And now I have smiley. After careful consideration I decided to read them in chronological order (Farseer, Liveship Traders, Tawny Man), even tough Liveship Traders is kind of a side story and Tawny Man is a continuation from the Farseer trilogy.

Anyway, I'm about halfway through the last book now, and along with lots of HoN/Starcraft/FFXIII, not much time have been spent on my site smiley

Next time I will update the gallery with a bunch of photos!

Cya then...

Well, about the topic, forgot to mention it, but there's lots of pirates in the Liveship Traders smiley
Blog: 5 Years!
Yes, exactly 5 years since the first post on the "new" skallen.net (v2.0). Still cruising around on 800 000+ Visitors, not quite a million yet. I hope I'll reach 1 million for the 10 year anniversary smiley

As a celebration of the five year mark I've added two more themes, 'Grey Garden' and 'Purple Galaxy', as well as 5 new headline quotes (a second plato quote!). Also, new poll, frackin' vote plx.

I was delaying this post quite a bit just to get exactly 5 years, so a lot of stuff has piled up, mostly books. I've recently bought "The Farseer Trilogy" by Robin Hobb. I acctually had my eyes on it for a long time (who can resist titles like "Assassin's Apprentice"?), and finally got around to buying them. Was kinda put off in the beginning, mostly because it was a first-person narrative book, not a type I'm used to in fantasy. But it was kind of interesting to see the story from only one persons prespective (though the books cheat a little, the protagonist "dreamwalks" in his sleep and sees various events happen around the world that he would normally be unaware of).

Anyway, good books, gonna have to buy the rest of Hobb's books now! smiley

Soon vacation time, golfing is going crap at the moment, but hopefully it will change!

'Till next time....