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Blog: Cheating
I doubt anyone will call me out on it, but I'm going to cheat a little. I forgot to post something this month, this post is actually written in october and I ninjaedited the date ;).

Finally finished Code Geass second season. Left it in episode 17 two years ago. I liked it, good ending etc, but the part with the emperor and his machine and killing gods and all was a bit stupid/irrelevant or whatever, just felt misplaced.

Also been reading some new and old books. New books being the 5 parts of Elizabeth Moon's "Vatta's War", and old being Paksenarrion by the same author. Good stuff. Read more about it in opinions!

Also been playing way to much World of Tanks... The main reason I forgot to post this smiley

For next month (this one!) I hope I have a new wallpaper ready... really!