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Blog: Cant figure out a good topic
Tags: poll, internet, tv
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Wow, closest poll so far, but Full Metal Alchemist wins over naruto with just a few votes. My favorite Hunter x Hunter finished fourth, boo-hoo. A new poll is comming up in the next few days.

I tried some Joost the other day btw, and I was not impressed. In these HD-days Joost delivered video of utter crap quality. I can't see how it will be a success if that is the final product. The content is also somewhat lacking but that will probably be improved, and I hope the video quality will be too.
Blog: No internet.. what to do?
Lost my internet for a few days, so I needed something to do, so I went to the local bookstore and searched for something readable. Most of the stuff they had in the fantasy/SciFi-shelf that was in english was books in the middle of different series, among other stuff book two and three from the Otherland series. But its boring to start in the middle of a story, isn't it? Anyways, after some browsing I found a book that seemed okay, shiny surface and japanese names, that just can't be bad!

And it couldn't. What a great book, got me totally hooked. Woken Furies by Richard Morgan. After some post-reading research it turned out to be book three in a loose-connected series about Takeshi Kovacs, and also Morgan's fourth published novel. Since it was so good I've now ordered all his other books, hopefully they will be as great as this one.