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Blog: Dragon Age is here
Dwarf Rogue InquisitorThe new Dragon Age: Inquisition is finally here. Been playing it way to much and haven't gotten anything new done on the site yet.

Compared to the previous dragon age games, this one is more open, very similar to skyrim. Lots of interesting sidequests to do in addition to the epic main story. And as usual in dragon age, lots of interesting characters to talk to, both on mission and in between.

Right now I'm playing a dwarf rogue (pictured to the right) but I'm already planning my next playthrough, this time as a warrior. Haven't decided on a race yet, but either a human or a qunari.

I've added a few screenshots in the gallery under dragon age folder from the new game. It's a beautiful game, the new engine really makes it feel much more alive than the previous one, where it all felt very flat and stale. The level designs are really nice with lots of complicated and overlapping terrain.

And best of all, it's now possible to jump!
Blog: Welcome to kirkwall
It's finally here!!

Attempting to gain entrance of Kirkwall

Been waiting for dragon age since new year, and now it's here eating up all my free time. smiley

Also been reading a lot of books lately, 'The Deed of Paksenarrion' was really good, 'The Black Magician' trilogy was okay and 'The Steel Remains' by Richard Morgan (previously known by me from his Science Fiction books). I must say I was expecting more from 'the steel', it had kind of a long introduction, and then a quick end battle and that was it. But the world seems really well fleshed out so hopefully he will return for more epicness later smiley.

Well that will do for now, gotta get back to Dragon Age again!
Blog: Here be dragons
Not much new to tell about, all my free time has mostly been consumed by Dragon Age: Origins, talking to a demon pretending to be Morrigans headless mother:

Dragon Age 'bug', Morrigans headless mother in the Fade.

After a finishing fighting her and cutting her head of I talked to Morrigan (to the left) a bit to fast, and the whole dialog before the fight repeated, but her mother (to the right) was now missing the head smiley

Tomorrow its x-mas theme time, december. So I got work to do tonight, need to update that theme to more look like the current ones.