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Blog: December again
Tags: css, theme, xmas
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Didn't remeber that the xmas theme was this ugly, I'm going to have to remake it. I know I thought about it last year as well...

Edit: Changed the background to lighter one and added some glow on the headlines. smiley
Blog: Endgame: 2009
Sound like a great movie, doesn't it? smiley

Anyway, started reading the 'Sword of truth' again, was some time ago I read it, and since then the series have been completed, just bought all the missing books and started going through them all again. At book four now (temple of the winds) and unfortunately thats one of the slower once, I'm kinda stuck in it right now. Still looking forward to nr. 6 though, that one was good, and of course the new once I haven't read yet.

Mostly posting this time to add up some books/anime/movies for the 2009 summary post (like the one i did last year). That post will be in january.

Also working on a remake on the 'chairs' wallpaper for 1680x1050 resolution. It's kinda frustrating though, the last one was so good, this one wont match it :/, wonder if I will ever make one that will smiley

Merry X-mas and a Happy New Year smiley
Blog: Early christmas present!
Yes, early present for you, so be nice!

Yui Makino Angel Mode!

I'm impressed by myself! Fourth wallpaper this year (all Yui Makino smiley), I think that's some kind of record for me.

This time, it was a bit more work than usual, like 5000 hours in paint for one thing, and a couple of different sources combined as well. So here's some credits:

» Wings: Falln-Stock
» Background: maz hewitt
» Other brush effects: ihea
» Font: Hawaii Lover
» Original image: Tanpopo Suisha ~Yui Makino Version~ album booklet

This time it was more than just adding some text smiley. The source image was really good though, the original file is 2790x1877, so I can make it pretty much any resolution. For now I'll just add the 1680x1050 which I use myself. Need another resolution? Just ask smiley

No kanji this time, I don't have any good-looking kanji fonts, the few I have looks pretty bland and didn't fit at all.

Off topic: Now I'm safe this year, at least one post for each month, woohoo!
Blog: Here be dragons
Not much new to tell about, all my free time has mostly been consumed by Dragon Age: Origins, talking to a demon pretending to be Morrigans headless mother:

Dragon Age 'bug', Morrigans headless mother in the Fade.

After a finishing fighting her and cutting her head of I talked to Morrigan (to the left) a bit to fast, and the whole dialog before the fight repeated, but her mother (to the right) was now missing the head smiley

Tomorrow its x-mas theme time, december. So I got work to do tonight, need to update that theme to more look like the current ones.
Blog: Christmas is comming...
With new theme! The x-mas theme will automatically be activated in december and will override the user selected theme. That theme will return in January.

I've also reworked the gallery a bit, now it only contains images I've done, either originals or manipulated from some other image. The new wallpaper gallery have some of the wallpapers I've done over the years smiley

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!