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Blog: Welcome, you are visitor 100 000+!
Tags: web, anime, stats
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Actually, just checking in the DB and visitor count (unique) is on '111 830'! Missed the 100000 celebration with ~12000 visits, but no matter! A celebration it is! With lots of exclamation marks! Every sentence! Weeeee!

Total count according to modlogan (log analyzer) is 843518 visitors, but I'm not sure how it handles uniques, and that number includes when my games was most popular, back when they were on subdomains, not on the main site (thus not counted in my own stats). But anyway, that number is closing in on
one million
, maybe next year smiley.

So, new backgrounds! The blue theme now has a nice little row of clouds on the top, and on the yellow one its sunny 8). Also fixed the tags a bit, the cloud is now expanded over the whole page and you can select tags right from it, instead of going via the list on the right. And when browsing a tag, a list on the right will show popular tags, related tags (still in the works), and a link to get back to the cloud, as well as a link for a random tag.

Been home sick last week (swine flu?) but I'm better now smiley. Being home sick equals watching a lot of TV, beware of a big list below...
Blog: THE February post
Yes, this is the one and only February post! Enjoy it while it last... Okay, lets get things started. Umm, yeah, lets do it... OK! here I go... Ha, just kidding! Fell for that easy one, didnt ya? Ah well, lets go...

When I was randomly internet browsing yesterday I found this site with some fun statistics. Apparently skallen.net is the 653858:st ranked site on the internet over the last three months. I know, doesnt sound so amazing, but considering the amount of stuff on the internet these days, not so bad!

Of course, nothing new here yet, not even a new poll (but it might be a new one coming in a few days). At least I managed to decrease the amount of spambots harasing my site with a tiny little script (stupid bots!). Makes me wonder about how many of my visitors that are real people and how many that are bots. Ha, there's a nice poll, "Hello there, are you a a bot?" ;)