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Blog: Semifinals!
Tags: hockey, SAIK
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Gogo SAIK! I get to keep this theme forced a bit longer smiley

SAIK vs LHC, 4-3 (games)

Skellefteå will play Färjestad in the semifinals.
Blog: SM-Playoff
Tags: SAIK, hockey
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Well, its that time again, and Skellefteå AIK made it this year too! 6th position, last time they we're 8th (last spot). They are playing agains Linköping and they have not won a single game against them this year. Hopefully it will go well smiley. As usual, while AIK is in the playoffs, SAIK theme is forced!

Working a little on a new wallpaper and im compiling a fun little music list, stay tuned (hehe).
Blog: Go SAIK!
Skellefteå AIK made it to the SM-Finals, so for the rest of the season I've forced the AIK theme on my site (your regular theme will be back after).

I've made a small update on the shoutbox, not AJAX yet (working on it), only a little javascript. And the comments will be back after I fixed the shoutbox since they will share some code.

Three posts already this month, and many more to come! (maybe)
Blog: New theme!
Okay, first, no new game... (big surprise!). But I've done something new at least! If you check the theme selector (top right) there's a new black button there, that will switch to a special AIK theme (by AIK I of course mean Skellefteå AIK). Also fixed a small bug, when clicking the theme selection buttons it would always jump back to the main page, now it stays right on the page you where viewing.