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Blog: Shouting in a box
Or maybe inside the pumpkin head?? Anyway, the shoutbox is now working properly, for the first time in like... forever. Anything goes into it, å, ä ö, even 日本語! Test it out smiley

Not much else to report at this time, just posted something last week, can't exhaust my stash too fast, but I guess I can offer some oneliners...

Soon time for x-mas theme, I got it slightly updated for this year.

Two posts now without images (though the last one came with a theme).

Maybe I'll do a list for next time.

Sweden - Czech Republic, 4-3, woohoo.

I wish I had a new game for the site.

Good night!
Blog: Tagged with AJAX
I'm experimenting a little with AJAX, and what better place to experiment then here? smiley. So far I've put together a little tagging functionality for the news.

It (will) work like this:
» I create a new entry and add some relevant tags to it
» The tags is displayed under the post
» Visitors can then click on a tag they think is fitting for the post
» Clicking on the tag will add weight to that tag (AJAX)
» Tags with higher weight will display in bigger/bolder style
» Clicking on the image next to the tag will show other posts tagged with the same tag

At the moment I've completed the AJAX part, but new weights wont show on the tags unless page is reloaded, and there's no image to click to get to similar tagged posts. But soon smiley

Future plans includes AJAX-ifying the shoutbox and poll! A little more 2.0 now, wai!
Edit: Woot 80 000 uniques! Also the comment function has disappeared somehow, will fix it later...