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Blog: Warhammer 40k
Yup, a long long time ago in a city far away, I used to play Warhammer 40 000 (40k). I still have my little figurines of course, but I don't play with them anymore, they have been demoted to the decoration platoon. So what is sudden outburst about Warhammer 40k? Well, you see, my site has once again "dinged" (mmorpg term for leveling up), 40 000 visitors! What better way is there to celebrate this than talking about Warhammer 40 000? None I could think about ;)

For once I have an exciting poll question, with FMA and Naruto being in the top positions, so don't forget to vote and save the world!

Got kinda sick of my wallpaper yesterday so I made a new one, here is the result:

Angel of War... or something

Of course i didn't draw the character myself, found it on the internet somewhere. I'm kinda happy with the result, and I think I'm moving in the right direction, my last wallpaper was pink ;). That's all folks!™

I will make one more post this month, look forward to it.