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Blog: Highscore RSS
There's now RSS-feeds available for each game that shows the current monthly highscores, so players easily can keep track if they are on it or not (and if not, beat the highscore to stay on top!) Enjoy!

Click the RSS icons over at the game page to access it.
Blog: RSS feed
Tags: RSS, web
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**** EDIT ****
Forgot to change the link to www.skallen.net instead of site.skallen.net, fixed now!

Working on getting the RSS feed back online. I'm also gonna check out feedburner and see if it can offer anything interesting.

It's online now! And I'm currently using feedburner to parse my RSS so it will be readable to most browsers and also to get some stats on how many subscribers it has. smiley
Blog: RSS!
Tags: rss, web
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I now got the rss working, and if you are using Firefox (1.5) you will also note the live bookmark in the address bar smiley. The rss contains the ten most recent news items and links to them. Be sure so check it out.
Blog: Happy new year!
Tags: newyear, rss
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Wow, one day into the new year and I have already doubled the number of newsposts smiley. I've also double the number of projects! Check it out under showcase. Also made a new splash page over at www.skallen.net directing people this way (with a big purple arrow), and some new php-code not visible to anyone!

This is turning into a blogg, beware! (soon the rss feed will be up as well!!)