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Blog: Something new
Well, there's something new in the writing section, not sure what it is though... Is it anything at all? The poll is going great as usual btw.
Blog: More desert
Tags: writing
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I've written another little chapter in the "Desert Combat" story, but since its all improvisation, dont expect to much smiley. And unfortunately it will take quite a while before the reason for the title will be revealed smiley. Anyway, check it out here
Blog: Writing 'till I bleed...
Tags: writing
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Well, not that extreme acctually, but I do write some stuff every now and then, and I though I migh as well put it up here so others can read it too. See writing for more details. Currently working on a story with the name of Desert Combat, a Science Fiction story taking place on Mars, and to start up the place, I also uploaded an older story I wrote back when I was playing warhammer 40 000. Enjoy smiley

Edit: Gonna upload another story or two when I get home.

Edit 2: I would love to make a webcomic, but I really cant draw so thats a no-no smiley

Edit 3: New record in edits lol! My goal for the nearest future is at least one update/week. Might be new stuff or new functions or just an image, but at least something