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Blog: Light Trails
Been experimenting a bit with night photography and light trails. Still learning, and most images are crap, but I managed to take at least some decent images, uploaded in the gallery. Here's one for the front page:

Blog Image
Blog: Frogger
Tags: game, photo
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Well, not much new since last time, but here's a picture of a frog at least:

Yes, this is a frog!

I've somewhat started working on a new game, this time work android. Not much to say about it yet... stay tuned.
Blog: Drowning in games
Damn it, missed to post in September... To much gaming. First of all, in the beginning of September I got a new game for the PS3, Valkyria Chronicles, and I really liked it. It's a turn based tactical RPG, a bit similar to one of my favorite PS1 games Vandal Hearts. So, a few weekend spent playing that...

Then when the freshness started to die down a little, Civilization 5 was released. I've been a fan of "Civ" all the way back to the first release for MS DOS. And the "one more turn" really makes the hours go by in lighting speed. These last two weeks I've played over 50 hours Civ, a sickening amount smiley. And also, of course a couple of HoN-games every day as well...

So maybe not totally surprising that I missed the monthly update. Anyway, an October post it is, and what does it bring?

I've uploaded lots of new images in the gallery. Added a new folder with images from a recent trip to Ireland, as well as images in various existing categories, most of them in "Photos/Summer".

There's also been a slight improvement on the front page, images are now resized to fit automatically using the same function that is in the gallery, so no more HTML-scaling here either. That will hopefully speed up the loading time a little bit.

To showcase both this and the new photos uploaded, here's one of them:
Sunset at the beach near our family's summer house

My next photo project will be some night photography, either of the sky or light trails from cars, depends on the weather smiley
Blog: Turkey for dinner
Tags: web, travel, photo
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Never eaten turkey actually, but I've been eating dinner in Turkey just recently. Also took some pictures and drank some beer smiley. Here's one of the photos I took, more in the gallery...

Blog Image

Also updated a little, I've added five new headline quotes:

  • An investment in skallen.net always pays the best interest.
  • Skallen.net compels the soul to look upwards and leads us from this world to another.
  • It is fun to be in the same decade with skallen.net
  • Skallen.net is not only compatible with spirituality; it is a profound source of spirituality.
  • Skallen.net is the name of the greatest of all inventors

Real quotes that I tweaked a bit. Recognize any?

Going to redo some of the themes a bit and add more interesting backgrounds to them, but that's for next time, cya then smiley
Blog: Wow, DotA again! With golf clubs?!
golf, DotA, photo
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So... summer is coming (hopefully) and that means more outside less inside. Also unfortunately that means no more time to lead a guild in WoW, so our guild kinda fell apart smiley.

So instead I play Dota. Weee!

Dota fits better since you can just play one hour then leave it at that, no need to spend 4-5 hours grinding instances gone bad.

So DotA is one new time sink, the other one is Golf! I got clubs and everything and currently working on getting my official handicap.

Was in storforsen this week and took some pictures of the rapids there. Below is one of the pictures, with a nice rainbow in there. There's more in the gallery.