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Blog: Halloween!
Booo! It's halloween, and what better way to celebrate it then with a new theme? As usual change to it at the theme selector at the top of the page.

What else.... I fixed my mouse last week, left button was glitching making me double-click when I was just holding it down. So I opened it up, put some epoxy on the thing pressing the microswitch (which was kinda worn-down) and filed it down to the right height. Worked really well. Also took some pictures of it, will put it up later under projects, after my rework of that section is done.

Rework, yeah, I'm moving to Montana... errr no, im moving away from tables to divs is what I meant to say. Already managed to cut down the number of DOM objects on the fronpage from ~900 to 800, and I'm not even half done. So in addition to it being proper (you're not suppose to design with tables) it will also load faster. Sounds like win-win to me!

Thats it for now, enjoy halloween!