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Blog: Shoutbox is back
Finally got around to setting up some more shoutbox protection. Unfortunately its not as easy to shout anymore, you have to enter a onetime generated code to validate that you're not a bot. I don't like it but the bot problem was getting out of hand... If it seems to be working okay I also might consider bringing the news comments back as well.

Been sick this week, yesterday I was just lying in my sofa, at least today I managed to sit by my computer a little. Still have a slight fever though.

Update: Got a new project up (as usual finished long time ago)... But feel free to check it out anyway over here.
Blog: Gotta Strike Them All!!
Woo, my first blog post away from home, all that's missing to make this a real blog now is pointless links to news sites with twingly and adding digg and embedding youtube movies... Bleh.

So... Since I'm not home I cant work on the game but I've made some progress. I had some problems with the collision detection but it should be fixed now, so hopefully next weekend could be a possible release/beta test time.

And some news here, I had to disable the shoutbox again, stupid spammers always destroying for everyone smiley. I will probably add it back with some kind of confirm code so most simple bots will be stopped, maybe I can add back the comments too!