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Blog: It's time again....
For a new wallpaper smiley

This time it's actually based on an image taken with my camera, on the CD-booklet for the fuwafuwa single (I don't have a scanner). But quality-wise it turned out pretty okay, but feels a bit primitive.

Well well, anyhow, here it is:
Yui Makino with headphones

Also working on a 1920x1080 version with a different text. And don't forget to check the other one I did last month, it's in the gallery!

Been playing some other games than HoN this month, an old classic (civ 4) as well as a new "tactic rpg" game called The Last Remnant. Not gotten into it yet, took a while just to get the controls right, but at least its playable smiley

One more month then it's finally golf season up here again smiley
Blog: New single from Yui Makino
Yui Makino - FuwafuwaWeee, got the new Yui Makino Single smiley Only one day after release, straight from japan. Since I've ordered the "First Press Limited Edition" I also got a nice poster and a DVD with the video for fuwafuwa.

Still working on some new wallpapers.... Now I just need to find a decent scanner or something to get some of the pictures from the CD to my comp for even more wallpapers!

There's three songs on the disc, Fuwafuwa (ふわふわ♪), an instrumental version of it, and The Never Ending Rainbows.

I didn't like fuwafuwa that much on the first listen, but it grew on me and now I would probably rate it as one of her top 10 songs. The Never Ending Rainbows was okay, but not outstanding.