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Music Chart 2012
1 YUI 1509 9 (+8) +1038 plays
2 牧野由依 (Yui Makino) 1329 1 (-1) -337 plays
3 梶浦由記 (Yuki Kajiura) 982 2 (-1) -188 plays
4 志方あきこ (Akiko Shikata) 759 NEW
5 Machinae Supremacy 737 20 (+15) +433 plays
6 Ayreon 680 7 (+1) +124 plays
7 Lunatica 637 3 (-4) -19 plays
8 Symphony X 565 8 (-) +43 plays
9 Therion 533 11 (+2) +118 plays
10 Iron Maiden 528 5 (-5) -94 plays
11 Haken 506 10 (-1) +89 plays
12 Metallica 469 12 (-) +66 plays
13 大塚愛 (Ai Otsuka) 461 14 (+1) +85 plays
14 the brilliant green 451 4 (-10) -194 plays
15 Kalafina 444 6 (-9) -158 plays
16 植松伸夫 (Nobuo Uematsu) 437 19 (+3) +113 plays
17 KOTOKO 422 13 (-4) +24 plays
18 Blind Guardian 375 16 (-2) +12 plays
19 Arjen Anthony Lucassen 339 NEW
20 岩崎琢 (Taku Iwasaki) 289 22 (+2) +11 plays
21 May 287 NEW
22 m.o.v.e 276 21 (-1) -10 plays
23 Krypteria 269 NEW
24 Iced Earth 262 23 (-1) -15 plays
25 Allen-Lande 256 30 (+5) +44 plays
26 savage genius 248 24 (-2) -17 plays
27 Motörhead 244 NEW
28 Delain 242 18 (-10) -92 plays
29 Dido 241 32 (+3) +39 plays
30 Demians 232 25 (-5) -25 plays
31 Avantasia 227 15 (-16) -140 plays
32 In Flames 225 27 (-5) -5 plays
33 Tommy heavenly6 223 34 (+1) +27 plays
34 Samael 218 35 (+1) +24 plays
35 Genesis 206 26 (-9) -28 plays
36 妖精帝國 (Yousei Teikoku) 194 37 (+1) +10 plays
37 After Forever 188 40 (+3) +13 plays
38 Dark Tranquillity 185 47 (+9) +30 plays
39 Riverside 183 17 (-22) -161 plays
40 大島ミチル (Michiru Oshima) 177 36 (-4) -13 plays
41 Frank Zappa 176 NEW
42 Opeth 175 NEW
43 Unitopia 173 31 (-12) -35 plays
44 崎元仁 (Hitoshi Sakimoto) 167 NEW
45 Virgin Steele 165 29 (-16) -35 plays
46 Edenbridge 163 NEW
47 Choro Club Feat. Senoo 163 28 (-19) -80 plays
48 Tommy february6 163 41 (-7) -7 plays
49 Diablo Swing Orchestra 158 NEW
50 Demons & Wizards 156 39 (-11) -25 plays

Highest Chart Debut: 志方あきこ (Akiko Shikata), at position 4.
Highest Chart Climber: Machinae Supremacy, moving 15 spots up.

Biggest Chart Fall: Riverside, falling 22 spots down.
Biggest Chart Dropout: Star One, was on pos 33.

Yui Makino dethroned! A new YUI claims the number one spot!
Animes Watched
Hidamari SketchHidamari Sketch
Rated 8.5/10
Still unrated!
Books Read
The Great HuntThe Great Hunt
Rated 8.5/10
Movies Watched
Seven SamuraiSeven Samurai
Still unrated!
Asian Drama Watched
Buzzer BeatBuzzer Beat
Rated 9/10
Still unrated!
Himitsu no HanazonoHimitsu no Hanazono
Still unrated!
Posted on 2013-02-13
Tags: lists, newyear, music
Music Chart 2011
1牧野由依 (Yui Makino)16661 (-) +116 plays
2梶浦由記 (Yuki Kajiura)7943 (+1) -46 plays
3Lunatica65633 (+30) +439 plays
4the brilliant green64510 (+6) +172 plays
5Iron Maiden6229 (+4) +137 plays
7Ayreon5565 (-2) -179 plays
8Symphony X52216 (+8) +199 plays
9YUI4714 (-5) -312 plays
11Therion4157 (-4) -93 plays
12Metallica4036 (-6) -106 plays
13KOTOKO3982 (-11) -496 plays
14大塚愛 (Ai Otsuka)37612 (-2) -68 plays
15Avantasia36713 (-2) -3 plays
16Blind Guardian36311 (-5) -83 plays
17Riverside34429 (+12) +113 plays
18Delain3348 (-10) -158 plays
19植松伸夫 (Nobuo Uematsu)32415 (-4) -4 plays
20Machinae Supremacy30427 (+7) +63 plays
21m.o.v.e28614 (-7) -83 plays
22岩崎琢 (Taku Iwasaki)27839 (+17) +98 plays
23Iced Earth27618 (-5) -5 plays
24savage genius265NEW
25Demians25722 (-3) -8 plays
26Genesis23432 (+6) +16 plays
27In Flames23020 (-7) -48 plays
28Choro Club Feat. Senoo22337 (+9) +39 plays
29Virgin Steele155019 (-10) -64 plays
30Allen-Lande21243 (+13) +44 plays
32Dido (Yui Makino)20226 (-6) -42 plays
33Star One19730 (-3) -23 plays
34Tommy heavenly619625 (-9) -61 plays
35Samael19424 (-11) -64 plays
36大島ミチル (Michiru Oshima)19031 (-5) -30 plays
37妖精帝國 (Yousei Teikoku)18428 (-9) -52 plays
39Demons & Wizards18138 (-1) +-0 plays
40After Forever17523 (-17) -86 plays
41Tommy february617034 (-7) -44 plays
43Nightwish16636 (-7) -34 plays
45Devin Townsend Project16321 (-24) -107 plays
46佐橋俊彦 (Toshihiko Sahashi)159NEW
47Dark Tranquillity155NEW
48西田マサラ (Nishida Masara)151NEW
49Pagan's Mind136NEW
50北出菜奈 (Nana Kitade)13246 (-4) -12 plays

Highest Chart Debut: Kalafina, at position 6.
Highest Chart Climber: Lunatica, moving 30 spots up.

Biggest Chart Fall: Devin Townsend Project, falling 24 spots down.
Biggest Chart Dropout: Leaves' Eyes, was on pos 17.

Three time music champion: Yui Makino! ;)
Posted on 2012-01-03
Tags: music, newyear, lists
2010 Music recap
A bit late but here it is anyhow, the music list.

1牧野由依 (Yui Makino)15501 (-) +171 plays
2KOTOKO8945 (+3) +28 plays
3梶浦由記 (Yuki Kajiura)8404 (+1) -111 plays
4YUI7832 (-2) -496 plays
5Ayreon7353 (-2) -232 plays
6Metallica5097 (+1) -338 plays
7Therion5087 (+1) -200 plays
8Delain49210 (+2) -87 plays
9Iron Maiden48529 (+20) +262 plays
10the brilliant green4739 (-1) -111 plays
11Blind Guardian44614 (+3) +5 plays
12大塚愛 (Ai Otsuka)44416 (+4) +111 plays
13Avantasia37017 (+4) +54 plays
14m.o.v.e36915 (+1) +27 plays
15植松伸夫 (Nobuo Uematsu)32813 (-2) -88 plays
16Symphony X32312 (-4) -160 plays
17Leaves' Eyes286NEW
18Iced Earth28118 (-) -16 plays
19Virgin Steele28031 (-) +64 plays
20In Flames27819 (-1) -9 plays
21Devin Townsend Project270NEW
22Demians26547 (+25) +99 plays
23After Forever261NEW
24Samael25822 (-2) -13 plays
25Tommy heavenly625723 (-2) -10 plays
26Dido24411 (-15) -189 plays
27Machinae Supremacy24130 (+3) +19 plays
28妖精帝國 (Yousei Teikoku)23625 (-3) -15 plays
30Star One220NEW
31大島ミチル (Michiru Oshima)22043 (+12) +42 plays
32Genesis21827 (-5) -12 plays
34Tommy february621437 (+4) +15 plays
35Diablo Swing Orchestra20146 (+11) +31 plays
36Nightwish20034 (-2) -10 plays
37Choro Club Feat. Senoo18433 (-4) -28 plays
38Demons & Wizards18128 (-10) -43 plays
39岩崎琢 (Taku Iwasaki)180NEW
41Krypteria1746 (-35) -674 plays
42Xandria17145 (+3) -
43Allen-Lande16838 (-5) -33 plays
44鷺巣詩郎 (Shiro Sagisu)161NEW
45The Pillows15650 (+5) +13 plays
46北出菜奈 (Nana Kitade)14436 (-10) -60 plays
47増田俊郎 (Toshio Masuda)144NEW
48Hammers of Misfortune143NEW
49Howard Shore14021 (-28) -137 plays
50Frank Zappa13042 (-8) -49 plays
Animes Watched
Spice and WolfSpice and Wolf
Rated 9/10
Still unrated!
Books Read
The Running ManThe Running Man
Rated 8/10
Posted on 2011-02-05
Tags: lists, newyear, music
Skallen's List
Since this is the first year I'll be doing a music list for the whole year, I can't do any comparisons, so just a regular list for this time. Next year I'll do a nice moving up/down list smiley

1Makino Yui1379
4Yuki Kajiura951
9the brilliant green584
12Symphony X483
13Nobuo Uematsu457
14Blind Guardian441
16Ai Otsuka333
18Iced Earth297
19In Flames287
21Howard Shore277
23Tommy heavenly6267
25Yousei Teikoku251
26savage genius238
28Demons & Wizards224
29Iron Maiden223
30Machinae Supremacy222
31Virgin Steele216
32Initial D213
33Choro Club Feat. Senoo212
36Nana Kitade204
37Tommy february6199
39Johnny Cash190
40Masara Nishida187
41Stream of Passion182
42Frank Zappa179
43Michiru Oshima178
44Toshihiko Sahashi176
46Diablo Swing Orchestra170
49Amon Amarth144
50the pillows143

Phew.... Hope this comes out correctly smiley

YUI and Yui battling it out in the top this year, pretty much alone in the top, then a sharp decline in plays down to place 15 where it flattens out more.

Genres seems to be: J-Pop, Symphonic Metal, Power Metal, Progressive Metal, Soundtrack, Heavy Metal, Gothic Metal and J-Rock (in that order).

Some clear outsiders in my charts are Dido (only non-Japanese pop), Johnny Cash (country), Frank Zappa and Genesis.

On another note, been kind of a rewatch week att Skull HQ this last few weeks, I've seen all animes in this post and the last one before smiley
Animes Watched
Skip Beat!Skip Beat!
Still unrated!
Still unrated!
Posted on 2010-01-12
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N(yui) Poll
Not sure if anyone gets the headline joke, it's suppose to be a joke anyway...

A new poll is up, this time about some of the most used tags on my blog. Last one confirmed what I always knew, the butler did it.

And about the yui in the title, I now have two Yui's on my top 10 most played artists (overall) on last fm:

1: Yui Makino 3,456 plays

9: YUI 1,000 plays

What's the odds that two Yui's would end up on my top 10? Not sure if its a really common name in Japan or what.

Other than j-pop I mostly listen to progressive or symphonic metal these days. Been looking around on spotify and some of my new finds includes Opeth, Krypteria and Amaseffer.

Oh, and just recently installed my wacom on my new computer, so maybe I'll draw something nice 'till next time smiley, cya.
Posted on 2009-05-13
Tags: poll,
music, tagging
Not Sick and Destroyed
This time no-one was sick! Was watching metallica at the Globen this monday, and it was great. It was a new concert instead of the one they we're suppose to do march 8, but James Hetfield was sick so that one was cancelled.

Also bought a new game last week, Left 4 Dead. Haven't played that much but the new multiplayer mode with zombies vs living is really cool, even though I mostly just died and didn't understand anything in the beginning.

And of course, lots of WoW, our guild just killed Hodir in 25 man, and we have killed yogg-saron in 10 man. Here's a pic from that kill:

Yogg-Saron kill in 10man Ulduar. My hunter and his wolf to the right

Full image and more at our guild website!
Animes Watched
Real DriveReal Drive
Still unrated!
Maria HolicMaria Holic
Still unrated!
Movies Watched
Games Played
Left 4 DeadLeft 4 Dead
Still unrated!
Posted on 2009-05-06
Tags: music, gaming
Music Alphabet
A fun idea, one artist for each letter in the alphabet. Going by my plays on last.fm it wasn't very hard to find an artist i liked for each letter. Whats the most surprising artist pick?

A - Ayreon
B - Blind Guardian
C - Choro Club
D - Dido
E - Elf
F - Frank Zappa
G - Genesis
H - Hirano Aya
J - Johann Sebastian Bach
L - Luca Turilli's Dreamquest
M - Machinae Supremacy
N - Nightwish
O - Opeth
P - Pagan's Mind
Q - Queens of the Stone Age
R - ROUND TABLE featuring Nino
S - Symphony X
T - The Brilliant Green
U - Uriah Heep
V - Virgin Steele
W - Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
X - Xandria
Y - Yui Makino
Z - ZZ Top

The list is using my brand spanking new 'music' markup tag which makes automatic links to last.fm smiley
Animes Watched
Blue DropBlue Drop
Still unrated!
Allison to LilliaAllison to Lillia
Still unrated!
Special ASpecial A
Still unrated!
Maria-sama ga MiteruMaria-sama ga Miteru
Still unrated!
Movies Watched
The Man from EarthThe Man from Earth
Still unrated!
Posted on 2009-03-07
Tags: music, lists
Small things can be good too...
I've done some small updates I've been thinking about doing for a long time. The comments are back! Yay, now I can talk with myself both in the shoutbox and in the comments! smiley Also removed the big box on the frontpage. It was simply too much space for a few headlines. Now you will get right on the latest blog post (hello!). I've also reworked the sidebar a bit, now a small box with recent posts are there (as a replacement for the missing headlines box above the blog), and it moves! If you haven't had time to vote in the poll (you really should) the poll goes on top, but if you already voted, the headlines goes first instead. Also changed a few things in the coding, but mostly non-visible stuff.

Now, for the second time in history, a post with an image!

Yui Makino CD's

Two Yui Makino albums fresh from japan! smiley
The picture quality is not the greatest, taken with my old S700i.

Ah, and as the observant people already noticed, I've removed the little sidebar displaying the music. It will be back (sometime) with a text-based equivalent later.

It's back smiley
Animes Watched
True TearsTrue Tears
Still unrated!
KimiKiss Pure RougeKimiKiss Pure Rouge
Still unrated!
Shakugan no Shana IIShakugan no Shana II
Still unrated!
Books Read
Movies Watched
Big Buck BunnyBig Buck Bunny
Still unrated!
Games Played
Still unrated!
Posted on 2008-06-04
music, php, web, 牧野由依
Music charts and stats
Today marks my third month using last.fm for music aggregation. And today I've also scrobbled my 10000th song! That is equivalent to around 110 songs per day. Not so surprising since I listen a lot both at work and home.

My top artists for these last three months:

1Makino Yui655
2Yuki Kajiura465
3the brilliant green381
4 Tommy february6 351
5 Demons & Wizards 333
6 Tommy heavenly6 293
7 Dido 271
8 In Flames 227
9 Nightwish 216
10 Iced Earth 210

Summary: Although Yui Makino (i guess this is the correct way to write it) is dominating in the top, the brilliant green, Tommy Heavenly6 and Tommy February6 all features Tomoko Kawase, so she is at 1025 plays if they would be added together smiley.

Mostly J-Pop and Metal, with some regular pop (dido) in between. But this top ten is just ~30% of my total plays check my last.fm page for more details.

Was thinking of throwing in a picture in a post (would be the first!) but it stills seems like a big step... A table is fine too, haven't used one of those either, so something new at least!

November is comming to an end, and that means this months highscore lists will soon be finalized and forever remembered! Hurry up and get a fat score and get your name on the list!

Working on an xmas design but right now it looks more like USA propaganda, blue, white, red and some stars...
Animes Watched
Still unrated!
Movies Watched
Die Hard 4.0Die Hard 4.0
Still unrated!
Comment! [1]
Posted on 2007-11-22
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Skallen.net Version 3!

A new look! W00t! Been talking about it for like forever, who would have thought it was true? Tried to make it a bit "2.0-ish" and not as tight and crowded as my last design.

Here's a small changelog:

» New Design
Duh, kinda obvious right?

» New themes
Yes, the new design comes with three themes right from the start, and maybe even more later. The themes can be selected from the small colored boxes in the top right.

» Updated info
Some info updated about me and about the site.

» Games on the site
Yes, the games are finally integrated into the site, and with working highscores! Also the old game links redirects here.

» My music
A new sidebar on the blog page, where some of the music I listen to shows up.

Some more stuff to probably, but that is the major parts I think. Enjoy!

The RSS-feed is dead at the moment, will fix it soon.
Animes Watched
Nodame CantabileNodame Cantabile
Still unrated!
Books Read
The Eye of the WorldThe Eye of the World
Still unrated!
The Great HuntThe Great Hunt
Still unrated!
The Dragon RebornThe Dragon Reborn
Still unrated!
Posted on 2007-09-17
Tags: music, design, skallen, upgrade, game, web
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