'Holography' by Yui Makino
Yui Makino's newest album! Great album! A few songs from previous singles and many new songs. My favorites so far is 'Precious' and 未来の瞳を開くとき (Mirai no Hitomi wo Hiraku Toki). I've listened to the whole album like once a day since I got it :).

Now for a song by song review:
1. Haru Machi Kaze (春待ち風)
Good opener, though I really liked the piano opener of the last album.

2. Onegai Junbright (お願いジュンブライト)
Still good (see the 'onegai junbright' single opinion)

3. Merry-go-round ~Album ver.~
A jazz variation of the extra song on 'Onegai Junbright' single. I prefer the non-jazz version over this one.

4. Fuwa Fuwa♪ (ふわふわ♪)
Just as good as on the single! Love the piano melody.

5. Cluster
The extra song from the 'Ao no Kaori' single. Solid.

6. Precious
The second new track. Really good. My favorite kind of Yui Makino singing.

7. hologram
The track that named the album(?). It's not really my cup of tea. Reminds me a bit of Cestree from her first album.

8. crepuscular rays
Doesn't stand out. Feels like a song from Aria The Animation. Soft and mellow.

9. Nidome no Hatsukoi (二度目のハツコイ)
Good happysounding song.

10. Brand-new Sky
Another slow song. Not really the usual yui-style on the song. Can't really explain it but she sings different somehow. Works very good though :)

11. Ao no Kaori (碧の香り)
The last previously released song. Solid song and nice piano.

12. Mirai no Hitomi wo Hiraku Toki (未来の瞳を開くとき)
Wow! This one is also great, love the chorus in the end. Maybe they should have cut the cough and laughing though... It breaks the immersion a bit.

13. Sono Saki he (その先へ)
A slow and fitting ending to the album.

Overall a really good album. It flows nicely and as I said in the beginning, no trouble for me to listen to it again and again.

Bonus point: Lots of pictures in the booklet, prepare for wallpapers!
Rated 10/10 on 2011-07-25