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Ongoing Projects
2007-11-01 -
Skallen.net Upgrades
Tools Used
Photoshop, EditPlus, phpMyAdmin, Filezilla
Anders Pousette
Various enhancements and bugfixes on skallen.net. I will try to keep this updated as current it can be.

Currently doing:
» Fix css validation (broken, plus link goes to validation for 2.1, it's 3.0)
» Non-javascript fallback for styles (broken) and shoutbox (never existed)
» Fixing links so they don't contain spaces (I'm looking at you gallery!)
» Removing tables, replacing with proper containers
» Rework projects.
» Come up with some projects to add!

Completed stuff:
» Reworking the image gallery
» Tagging system
» Rework polls
» AJAX-ify parts of the site
» Rewrite info-parts.
» New themes / Theme enhancements
» Better use of the page title
» Fixing search engine friendly URL's