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About the site

Yo, this is my website. I use this site for a couple of things:

» Learning more about PHP, html and css

» Information about me and what I do

» Show of my games and images

Mostly I maintain this site cause I think that coding php is fun, and having a nicesite to present myself and my thoughs to you visitors is just a bonus!

The site itself is built on php/MySQL and regular html/css. Most of the text resides in a MySQL database, except the text on these info pages.

While coding and designing is alot of fun, I also have some information here for the visitors, since there really seems pointless to just have a site with nothing in it and also, its fun to have people visiting your site and give feedback and comments (or just enjoy it). I have an image gallery with with various images, by me, stuff I find funny, screenshots, well, stuff I want to share with my visitors. Then there's these info pages, with a bit more information about the site, about me and what I can do.

And lets not forget about the games! These are what made the site "famous", in July 2006 my visitor count suddenly jumped from around 1000 per month to an insane 170000 that month. You can find more info on the games in the projects section, where I also have some other interesting projects I've been involved in.

Oh, right, the logo image is actually a "manga" portrait of myself done by a friend of mine, Rickard Widmark, thanks alot!

// Anders "skallen" Pousette