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2012 Retrospection
Well, the year is not quite over yet... but not that much remaining and I've got nothing else to write about.

It started out great with expanding the opinion system with new features and even a new category. Also a new wallpaper. Then I got sidetracked by to much gaming and haven't really done anything more for the site since then. Still have a few wallpapers I'm working on but they aren't good enough yet. Maybe one more in 2012 as a Christmas present smiley

Russian IS-3, from World of Tanks

To liven up things a little I added a new 'World of Tanks'-gallery, and the screenshot above is one of the new images. Plan to add more as I play and get some cool scenes. Just played my 8000'th match, so you could say I'm pretty addicted smiley.

Also currently replaying Baldur's Gate and Baldur's Gate 2, one of the best computer RPGs ever. And it's still an awesome game!
Animes Watched
Initial DInitial D
Rated 8.5/10
Rated 8/10
Angel Beats!Angel Beats!
Rated 8.5/10
Yuri YuriYuri Yuri
Rated 6/10
Rated 8/10
Books Read
The way of shadowsThe way of shadows
Rated 8.5/10
TV Series Watched
Games Played
Baldur's GateBaldur's Gate
Rated 9/10
Baldur's Gate 2Baldur's Gate 2
Rated 9.5/10
Guild Wars 2Guild Wars 2
Rated 8/10
Music Listened To
Asian Drama Watched
Magerarenai OnnaMagerarenai Onna
Rated 7.5/10
Rated 8/10
Shiroi HaruShiroi Haru
Rated 9.5/10
Rated 7.5/10
Posted on 2012-10-31
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